New goodies from GingerScraps designers!

Good Reads kit by Aprilisa Falling For You by Dagi's Temp-tations

I’m thoroughly enjoying my second week scrapping with the awesome GS designers! I snagged a new pack of Dagi’s templates (of course I did). And I got to scrap my first Christmas LO of the season! I’m ridiculously excited about that. I’m not rushing Thanksgiving… I’m just happy to invite glitter back into my scrappy world again.

So the story of this page is… kind of sappy. Sometimes I write lovey things to Jason but don’t show him. Then I find them in Evernote months later and think hmmm that would make a nice LO… Now you know my secret, I have a whole scrapbook of love letters I’m too embarrassed to send to my husband. Here’s one. And another. And a couple more. It’s kind of gross. But I just like him. A lot.

Journaling reads- I love how you… Hold my hand. Make me laugh so hard. Flirt with me at the grocery store. Hold open doors. Pretend to be a monster and chase me around the house. Get so enthusiastic about things. Chase sunsets with me. Share the joys and tears of life with me. Move me, and get me moving. Listen

Credits: Good Reads kit by Aprilisa
Falling For You by Dagi’s Temp-tations

christmas cookies web

My second LO isn’t quite so embarrassing. Also, Yay cookies! Also also note to self- try not to make all the cookies next month. It took like three months to get rid of all that cookie weight this winter!

Moving on…. Yay Christmas kits! And glittery snowflakes! This kit is a definite contender for  my holiday book this year. Yep that’s right folks, I’m going to try a December Daily type thing this year. Stay tuned.

Journaling reads- This year I decided to shake up my usual Christmas baking and try a couple of new recipes. Trisha Yearwood’s cranberry white chocolate chip cookies were a new favorite, but Alton Brown’s were pretty tasty too.

Credits: Christmas Countdown kit and journal cards by JB Studios
Falling For You templates by Dagi’s Temp-Tations

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