My (sort of) simple plan for a not-just December not-quite Daily

We’ll just call it a holiday book. It will encompass Thanksgiving week, Christmas, travel, our anniversary, and possibly New Year’s. If I’m not sick of it by then.

I want to do something holiday related every day from November 22nd- January 1st. This does NOT mean I’m going to make a page every day. It may mean taking a photo, jotting down a list, making a page, writing a blog post, whatever. I’m not not making arbitrary restrictions or deadlines. I just want to take pictures, write stuff, and make stuff.

I would like to come out of this holiday season with a small book of digital pocket style pages and regular layouts. How this turns out will factor into how I choose to do Project Life in 2015. My plan is to put everything I make into a 5×8 trade paperback sized book from Blurb. (They don’t offer 6×8)

I have several sources of inspiration, possibly too many, but I know there will be overlap.

Simple Scrapper Holiday Focus FB group
Simelle’s Journal Your Christmas
30 Days of Lists, 2013 & 2014
My Details class, with a holiday spin
DailyDoc from December 2012 (no longer available)

I’m not worried about cohesion in my album whatsoever. After a ruthless declutter session, I still have a lot of Christmas and winter kits. I will use some of Mandy’s kits for sure. The sneak peeks for the Gingerscraps December buffet that I’ve seen so far are SWEET, so that will be a big temptation. And of course, I’ll buy whatever Just Jaimee puts out.

And that’s pretty much it. Not too much structure, just doin’ my thang.

For simplicity’s sake, I’ll keep on referring to it as December Daily.

At least my cover is straightforward. Because I totally lifted Ali’s cover from last year. Who has time for originality? 🙂

DD00Cover web

Credits- Christmas Countdown kit by JB Studio

3 thoughts on “My (sort of) simple plan for a not-just December not-quite Daily

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