About Me

Hi, I’m Jen, aka hclappy. I live in South Florida. I’ve been married since 2005 to Jason, who is in IT and the nerdiest nerd in Nerdville. He’s trying to convert me to Nerdom, one Star Wars reference at a time.

I have an awesome stepson, called Little Man here. He’s a great kid. I got super lucky in the stepfamily department.

We also have a somewhat neurotic cat named Miss Kitty. When she’s not sleeping she can be found begging for treats, playing with her fishing pole, or biting the hand that feeds her (mine).

I love digital scrapbooking. I’m proud to be able to create pages for Simple Scrapper, Mandy King, Ohana Designs, and Inspired by Dominic.

I love cooking, reading, and writing on my blog. And talking about myself, apparently.

I’m originally from Nashville and say y’all way too much. Also yonder.

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