Project Life 2014- Day in the Life

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I decided to put the “official” Day in the Life into Project Life as a series of pages with photos and words from my blog post last month. Super simple. It resembles my regular pages, except for the last one. I used the same CZ templates (some altered), and the same fonts (CK Ali’s Hand, Bebas, and Bariol).

By the time I got to the last page I realized that I had WAY too many words. But I wanted to use them all, so I took a template that I’d made a couple weeks ago for some panorama shots and moved things around to fit everything I wanted to say.

These pages make me happy. I like having a little more personal writing about our days, as opposed to the “just the facts” tone I have in the rest of the book.

*Project Life was invented by Becky Higgins. You can learn more about it here. My Project Life pages can be found here.

Day in the Life- May 8, 2014

I played along with Ali Edwards’s Day in the Life yesterday.

IMG_9118 IMG_9119 IMG_9128 IMG_9130

Morning- wake up with the second alarm at 6:30 and convince Jason that we need a few more minutes (which wasn’t difficult). Take a couple of pics of the lovely sunrise while he does things on his phone. When he realizes what I’m doing, he gets up and tries to get sunrise pics too. He goes off to do his morning thing and I lounge around with Miss Kitty for a couple more minutes. Get up and throw on some clothes and try to make up the bed but someone is in the way.

IMG_9136 IMG_9140 morningwebIMG_9142IMG_9145morning2

By the time I make it out to the kitchen, Jason is finished with his shower and dressed. I make coffee and waffles for his breakfast and eggs with mushrooms for mine. (Yes, I make myself fancy breakfasts while he gets frozen waffles or toast. That’s the way he likes it, I’m not being deliberately mean. He’s just not a breakfast person). I throw together lunch for him (leftover sausage lentil soup) and we sit down to watch a few minutes of GMA. I start a grocery list for a quick Publix run tonight. He gets a work call and I eat breakfast. I email him a story that we see mentioned on GMA, that he doesn’t have time to watch. He finished up the call and heads out for work at around 7:45. He snaps a quick picture on his way to work for me.

IMG_9150 IMG_9154


IMG_9158 IMG_9160 IMG_9169 IMG_9170

I get lost in blog land for a few minutes, then start my day. I unload the dishwasher from the night before and call my dad. My stepmom is having neurosurgery today so I want to check on them. They had just wheeled her back about five minutes before I call, so I miss talking to her. I chat with my dad for a few minutes, then my aunt shows up to keep him company, so I let him go. 

I give MK some lovin’ and start a load of laundry. I text Jason good morning. I’m listening to Ghost Story, a Dresden Files book and wonder how Harry is going to get out of his latest predicament. I need to deal with some crock pot oatmeal that I made the day before, so I put it in serving size jars. It looks tasty so I heat up a jar and sit down to check my Feedly and watch a couple of quick videos.

IMG_9172 IMG_9173 morning4

IMG_9175 IMG_9182
Reboot the laundry and go outside to check on the plants. Some have been struggling since we went to Orlando, but I’m ever the plant optimist. I take care of all the plants outside and in. Feed MK and settle in to some computer time. 

IMG_9185 IMG_9186

Do some updates and check my blog to-do’s. Work on a post about my NSD pages for next week and shuffle my editorial calendar around so I can publish this Day In the Life post today. Listen to Pandora while doing all this because I can’t write and listen to a book at the same time.

IMG_9191 IMG_9192 IMG_9233

Afternoon- I put away laundry and text with Jason a bit. He’s having a rough day and is exhausted. He takes a pic of setting up a google TV for the warehouse.  I have lunch, leftover rotisserie chicken, cole slaw, and beans and forget to take a picture.

IMG_9193 IMG_9195

Check in on the PRT board and reply to comments on the podcast. Hear from my dad that Jeannie is out of surgery and in recovery. Text with Melissa and let her know about Jeannie. Feeling really tired and draggy all day, so lay down for a minute, which turns into an hour. Get up and jump in the shower. Putter around the house a little and jot down some ideas for Summer Daily.



Evening- Jason gets home around 5:30 and we make a quick post office run to send off Mothers Day cards, which will probably be late. We listen to “90’s dance music” station on iTunes Radio in the car Stop by Publix on the way home for eggs, peaches, and yogurt. USPS is doing a food drive on Saturday so we pick up a few things for that.



We come home and put away groceries and then go back out for a walk in the park. My phone dies so Jason snaps a few pictures for me. We do two laps around the track and talk.

We head back home and I charge up my phone so I can call dad. Jeannie is doing well. They think they got all of the tumor and she is already bossing dad around, which is a good sign! He’s eating dinner so we keep it short. 

IMG_9217 IMG_9219 IMG_9222


I make dinner and Jason watches the NFL draft. I’m trying a new frozen yam thingy tonight, plus chicken sausage, brown rice, and spinach. It’s all pretty tasty. We finish dinner and I clean up the kitchen. We’re both pretty tired. We go to bed around 11.

Observations- We’re so very grateful that Jason doesn’t have the terrible commute anymore. Our days look much different than they did a couple of months ago, and we’re so happy for that! Also grateful for Jeannie’s successful surgery of course. It was very nice to have a “normal-ish” day, other than that, to document.

I’m finding it difficult to photograph in the new apartment. The walls are very warm, and I think my phone overcompensates for that by making all the pictures too cool, which I have to go fix in 90% of them. Or maybe I’m seeing colors strangely and overcompensating for that 😛

I’m pretty annoyed with my phone camera right now. I’m getting a lot more blurry pictures since updating the OS, which was never a problem before. I think I just have to learn to be patient and take the few extra seconds for it to focus instead of just snapping away. I don’t think I’ve “found the right light” here just yet and this was good practice. I miss white walls!

As usual, I kept up with journaling in the Momento app throughout the day. I find it hilarious  (and slightly pretentious) that I actually typed out the words “editorial calendar”. I kind of wish I’d straightened my closet shelves before I took that picture. (I did straighten them when I put the laundry away). My bookshelves and countertops are kind of a hot mess, but I’m generally happy with what we’ve put together so far. This is our life right now. And it’s pretty good.

Day in the Life: September

I’m joining in with Ali Edwards and her Day in the Life project this year.

Here is our Day in the Life for Saturday, September 1, 2013. It was a day of being out of the house for most of the day, which is rare for us on the weekends.

8:48 AM Woke up at 7 for Pill. Jason dreamed about fixing phones at work. Can’t remember mine.
Fell back asleep for another hour or so. Woke back up and snuggled and talked. I took a few pictures. MK jumped up for some lovin.
Got up around 8:30. So nice sleeping in! Jason is feeling pretty sore from working yesterday.
IMG_4449 IMG_4452 IMG_4457

9:02 AM Throw my hair up and weigh. Set up Momento reminders. Watch a little HGTV. Jason sets up weather on the TV.

IMG_4459 IMG_4461 IMG_4463

9:56 AM Showered. Fed and watered cat. Made bed. Got dressed and braided my hair. Listening to old episode of Digi Show with Kayla Lamareux. Love organization shows! Jason worked on music and browsed the iTunes Store.

IMG_4464 IMG_4466 IMG_4470

11:40 AM Cleaned kitchen and made breakfast (eggs for me, oatmeal for him). Settled in to watch Mike Birbiglio.


12:06 PM Realized that we had messed up the dates in our heads and our Costco coupon expired yesterday. Cleaned up cat puke. Snack of raisins, pistachios, and cheerios. Blogged for Mandy. Jason jumped in the shower.

IMG_4475 IMG_4476 IMG_4477 IMG_4478 IMG_4479

2:26 Long talk with my sister.


4:32 Shopping at Costco for 5873651 hours.

IMG_4483 IMG_4486

9:56 PM Ok my phone battery died while we wee running errands. Jason’s died almost immediately after mine. Scary Spousal Synchronicity.
We spent a long time at Costco. Had lunch and shopped around a little. We didn’t get much, but we did a lot if recon. We priced out a lot of food that we buy on a weekly basis, like PB, waffles, canned tomatoes, pudding, etc. to see if it would be better to buy some things in bulk. We’ve gotten a lot better over the years at going to Costco with a list and sticking to it


After Costco we went to Best Buy so Jason could get a mouse. He also found a nice pair of headphones so he can do music more easily. I looked at dishwashers and fantasizes about having a dishwasher that was made after 1987.

IMG_4488 IMG_4489

We stopped at Target to get Starbucks. This was when our phones died. But I have to say, it was really nice to just sit and have a talk without the distraction of phones. Before the year is out I really want us to have a completely screen free weekend.
I love love love coffee dates where you just sit and hold hands and talk.

Randomly, the kid in this ad looks just like the Little Man!


We browsed around Target for awhile. We looked at exercise and camping gear. We’re debating on getting fitbits for our anniversary in December. But it’ll be interesting to see if Apple comes out with anything cool this fall. There are watch rumors that could double as pedometers. We’ll see!
We looked at house stuff and debated cast iron grill pans v. electric grills. We found a really yummy vanilla candle that came home with us.
When we got home we charged phones and messed around with the big camera. He showed me a few tricks. I literally know next to nothing about the camera, so I want to get more comfortable with it so I can bust it out for WITL next week.
Saw a great post from my stepmom on FB.

DSC_0005 DSC_0008 DSC_0013 DSC_0023 DSC_0026

IMG_4491 IMG_4492

Jason played with his new headphones and mouse, and put batteries in a few things around the house that needed them. I texted Melissa for a bit and we made plans for a phone date Tuesday morning.
My dad had called during the afternoon, so I called him back when my phone charged. We talked about some stuff with my sister and I felt A Lot better after talking things out with him. We also talked about the progress on some house repairs for my childhood home, which was damaged in a fire last year. Also bad knees, weight loss (or lack thereof) and plantar fasciitis. We haven’t talked in a couple of weeks for some reason, so we crammed a lot of charting into twenty minutes.
When we got off the phone I started typing this all up in Momento so I wouldn’t forget anything.

Whew this was a long post! It always surprises me how many photos I can take in a day, even with our batteries being dead for several hours.

All text taken from my Momento notes.

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Day in the Life: August

I’m joining in with Ali Edwards and her Day in the Life project this year.

A few observations from DITL this year so far-

This project has ebbed and flowed for me this year. I have skipped a couple of months purposefully because it just wasn’t doing it for me. Some months I’m super excited for it, some months I almost dread it. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE documentation. As I’m typing this, I have plans for Week in the Life next week buzzing around in my head. I’m very excited for that! But I’m giving myself permission to not do major documentation every month.

Also, I just realized that I’m not doing it the same day every month. I’m gravitating more towards documenting the first of the month. I like that feeling of having a fresh start. I think my point here is, it’s important to make these projects work for you and your life.

I decided to skip July’s DITL documentation since that was around the time we had LM’s birthday party. You can see that day here. On to August!

there was not a ton of documentation for August 1. It was a normal day for me at home. Lots of time on the computer window shopping and getting the new month’s challenges from my favorite sites. It was also the first day of my 30 Day Self Portrait Challenge.


Miss Kitty jumps in the bed with me some mornings when Jason gets up.


Jason’s breakfast. He’s going through a waffle phase.


He was kind enough to snap a pic on his way to work.


I love how the morning light through the shades makes stripes on the walls. Makes me smile every time.



Morning chores.


My breakfast.


Catching up on blogs.


Doing a post for a new release from Mandy.


Walking with Leslie Sansone.


I figured out how to stream my podcasts to the TV, so I watched some Shimmelle as my reward for working out.


MK interrupting my work. Such an attention hog!


I made this LO, which I blogged about here.

Another Day by Pretty In Green

Listening to music.


I didn’t get any pictures during the evening except this one of our dinner. Caribbean rice with turkey sausage and squash.


There ya go, August is in the books!

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Day in the Life- June (part 2)

I’m joining in with Ali Edwards and her Day in the Life project this year. Our DITL for June 1st was so big that I broke it into two parts. I did part one waaay back in June, so I’m playing catch up. Warning- this post is filled with blurry photos. That’s what happens when you’re literally shaking with excitement. If you are offended by blurry, badly- lit photos, this post is not for you.

When we last left our heroes, they were waiting on the arrival of a certain Little Man. After several delays, his plane finally landed!


Seeing him after almost a year was the absolute best! He had grown so tall! After much hugging and such, we headed to baggage claim. I went into Crazy Camera Lady mode and snapped a few pictures as we walked through the airport. These are some of my very favorite pictures from the whole summer, despite the bad airport lighting. (Which I say that almost every picture is my “very favorite”)

Can you tell he’s super happy to see me? 😛


Shenanigans in the car and our first picture of all three of us together 🙂




When we got home, we sat in LM’s room for a bit.



And got reacquainted with Miss Kitty.




He tried out his new basketball hoop.




We could not stop smiling!




We went outside for a little football before it got dark.




Then back inside to catch up on funny You Tube videos.








And a little Sweet Brown. LM still knows the whole song by heart. Ain’t nobody got time for that!IMG_1038


The guys ended the evening by watching TV in 3D. So cute in their glasses 🙂




And that was our Day in the Life for June 1, 2013.

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Day in the Life- June (part 1)

I’m joining in with Ali Edwards and her Day in the Life project this year. Our DITL for June 1st was so big that I broke it into two parts… wow this was a day!

The morning was mostly spend puttering around the house. I woke up early and updated my Goodreads.

IMG_0901 IMG_0904 IMG_0905

We ate breakfast and watched How Do They Do That?


Jason messed around in Garage Band, formerly known as “green songs”.


Got the call that the Little Man got on the plane ok.


I listened to podcasts and cleaned up. We headed to WalMart to pick up a couple of last minute things. Half of our pillowcases have mysteriously disappeared, so we got those. I tried out a couple of bikes. I see a cruiser bike in my future. But all the cool ones are too big for me.


We got Subway and brought it back home for lunch.


And finished setting up his room.


We headed to the airport. It stormed all the way to Fort Lauderdale.


We weren’t sure that they would let me go to the arrivals gate to meet the plane. Luckily we got a really nice lady who let me go with Jason, which was awesome!


We were there super early and had some time to kill so we wandered around the shops. The plane was delayed due to the storms. Finally, finally we saw his plane pull up!


February Day in the Life

This year I’m joining Ali Edwards in documenting the last day of each month. It will be interesting to see how things change throughout the year. You can see January’s Day in the Life here.

This time my main goal was to get pictures of Jason and better document our evening. I always run out of steam in the evenings. The text is coming directly from notes I made in my Momento app.

7:03 AM Woke up w/ headache and snuggled in bed. MK was really noisy. Listening to The Raven Boys.


Got up and made breakfast for Jason while he showered.


I gave MK her treats and got myself together a bit.


Jason had breakfast at the bar while I got lunch ready. We chatted about the things we needed to do to get ready for Space X tomorrow. He nagged me to do software updates. We talked about the one time we went to a bar together, the Sheraton in downtown Nashville. (The snacks were great, but I got sick). I made up a song about man boobs. We’re usually not so chatty in the morning, but we’re excited for our little trip. Jason left for work (after a little canoodling at the door).


8:01 AM Had some cereal and water. Made the bed, loaded some laundry and unloaded the dishwasher.


Put away some towels and fed MK. MK constantly underfoot, running around and climbing into cabinets. Morning routine done!

9:00 AM Read a couple of blogs. Got a text from Jason saying traffic on 95 was awful and he was late for work. He’s Never late for Anything, so I know he must’ve been stressed out.


I put some chicken in the crock pot. I found a bag of random frozen chicken parts so I threw them in with a big bag of chicken breasts. Added seasoning for my basic crock pot chicken recipe.


Rebooted laundry, cat box, and took out the trash.

IMG_9477It’s really nice outside so I opened up the patio door.




9:34 AM Got spoiled for the Top Chef finale. Grrrrr…
Listening to old PRT episodes and trying to keep MK from scratching the screens.


10:06 AM Worked through some email, researched some digi supplies, and yelled at MK for scratching the screens. Closed all the doors and windows so she would chill out.

10:42 AM Had a GC burning a hole in my pocket, so I did a little shopping. (I bought the Project March kit from Connie Prince and some PL card templates from Designs by Lilli. I don’t ever buy from The Lily Pad, but I super love these templates and couldn’t resist).


11:28 AM Finished my third and last load of laundry. Yay! Looked at blogs for a few minutes. Had a snack of eggs and a handful of crackers. Crackers have become a staple this past week of recovering from this stupid stomach bug. I’m finding that eating a bunch of little meals is helping me more than eating three regular meals. If the food stays put, awesome. If not, I’ll try again in a couple of hours.


1:19 PM Worked on my 30 Days of Lists


2:37 PM Lunch! And omg I ate it before I remembered to take a picture! I’ve really gotten out if the habit if taking pics of my food. Anyway it was a big salad with tomatoes, blue cheese, and the chicken I made this morning.

Did my last mile for the month with Leslie.


3:11 PM Cleaned the fridge and started another load of dishes.

5:20 PM Worked in my Finding Photo Freedom class. I have the last 7 weeks all rated and tagged now which is a nice feeling.

Texted for a bit with Melissa. Then sent an embarrassingly personal text to her meant for Jason. Oops.

Went digging through some still unpacked boxes for my food scale.


6:40 PM Took a shower. Unloaded the dishwasher (again). Emailed my mom. Jason on his way home.

8:50 PM Had dinner. Got stuff ready for tomorrow. Watched the Mentalist.

9:26 PM (Tweet from Jason) RT @DepressedDarth: Call Yoda or call him not. There is no maybe.

 9:58 PM Relaxed and looked at more NASA stuff.half watched NCIS  Turning in early tonight

Observations: I’m not sure if I’ll be this detailed for awhile. My days are so similar it can get boring fast. I might try something different next month, like only use my big camera or only do b&w photos.

All photos taken with my iPhone and edited with Instagram or Pioneer Woman free actions.

Day in the Life: January

Ali Edwards announced that she was going to do her Day in the Life Project on the last day of each month this year. I think it will be fun to do, since our days really vary seasonally. It will be neat to add these as inserts to Project Life as well.

January 31st was not my most stellar day, documentationally speaking. Hmm I guess that’s not a real word… I lost steam towards the end of the day. There are more pictures of my blue fingernails than there are of my husband. That will definitely change next month! It was pretty typical for the most part, except that it was Jason’s first day back at work that week.

Woke up and started listening to Stuff You Missed in History Class. (I was a little behind, thus the Christmas episode).

Packed Jason’s lunch.


MK begging for treats.


We did our usual morning stuff. The news was particularly bad that morning with shootings and kidnappings. Jason left for work, and I snapped this one of the sunrise sky from our front porch.


What I wore. Clearly I am a fashionista of the highest order. Capris and a cami with my favorite blue shirt over everything because it was chilly. Florida chilly, not actual chilly chilly.


My breakfast. Those smooshy blobs are eggs.


Cleaned the kitchen.

IMG_9158 IMG_9161

Snuggle time with Miss Kitty. Which for her means sitting on the same couch as me and biting my fingers. She is no snuggler.


Worked on a layout and videos for this post. The LO came together in a snap. The videos were not fun to upload and deal with. Not sure if I’ll be doing that again.

IMG_9164 IMG_9165

Lunch was my new favorite soup, cream of chicken with sherry.


Spent a little time organizing my digital supplies. I use a combination of Deep and TagIt


MK kept me company.


I seriously love my new blue polish.


The rest of the afternoon was taken up with finishing up laundry, taking out the trash, and other homey type stuff.


Jason got off late from work and needed to stop at the store on the way home, so he didn’t get home until 7-ish. He took this one on his way home.


We were both exhausted from lack of sleep the  night before. Stayed up too late watching Alias. I was really over taking pictures at this point, so that’s all I have. We ate dinner out of cans, watched Top Chef and the Mindy Project, and went to bed early.

Pretty boring, typical day. I seriously love days like this though. Such a wonderful departure from my days a couple of years ago. I love the slow pace. I really really love being at home.