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I love snails.


I recently discovered the secret to perfectly peel-able boiled eggs! Put your raw eggs into water that’s already boiling. I’ve always done cold-start boiled eggs, so I guess that’s why my eggs always looked so awful and never peeled right. It’s like magic!


Little Man got some funky sunglasses and sent us a pic. Love how you can see his hand in the reflection. I can’t get over how long his hair is! It’s going to take some getting used to. But it’s his head so….


Double rainbow!


My seedlings are coming right along. Amazingly all my orphaned plants are still doing well. I’ll need to do a garden update soon.


I tried the new caramel crunch frappuccino. It’s pretty tasty, the “crunch” comes from bits of toffee.


We got library cards!


I’ve been without a pedometer since I lost my fitbit in December. I need to see numbers for motivation, so I picked up a cheap one at Target.


Jason did some repair work on the RC car and we took it out for a spin at the park.


Who’s the prettiest girl?


I’m working on hanging things on our walls finally. Last time I meticulously measured everything out and they were still not evenly spaced. This time I just guestimated and used my fingers as measuring tools.

And lastly, today is the nine year anniversary of our first meeting IRL. I will say a lot of things privately today, but I do want to say here- Thank you for taking a leap of faith and getting on a plane and flying almost 1000 miles to come meet me. Thank you for that first hug that changed my life. You still make me feel giddy and awkward in the best way. ❤

Five Pages | NSD Part 2

Last week I shared five pages from NSD. Here are the other five LO’s I did that day.

February 2014 Storyteller by Just Jaimee

Last week I shared my first five pages for NSD on May 3rd. Here are pages 6-10.

This page was way out of my comfort zone. design wise. I love how some people can strategically place bits of paper and tags and small embellishments across the page and make it look natural. I have a hard time doing that. I need clusters or grids. Or maybe even a template, though I’m using those less and less these days.

I was inspired by Heidi Swapp to write five special things about someone, so I did this page about the Little Man. And yes, helpful is spelled wrong. But when Jason pointed it out to me I decided I liked it that way, full of help- like full of win. I am the boss of my scrapbooks and I always put a “wrong” thing in nearly every page. I might have mentioned before, but it does double duty by helping me let go of perfectionism and by being a fun game for future generations. I can see them gathering around a table playing “Spot the eff ups in Crazy Aunt Jen’s scrapbooks”.

Journaling reads-5 awesome things we love about you. You are funny, helpful, polite, smart, artistic.

Credits: February 2014 Storyteller by Just Jaimee

April 2014 Storyteller kit January 2014 Storyteller alpha by Just Jaimee

This one was inspired by the shapes in Jennifer Wilson‘s page. I’ve been pinning hexagons forever so I took the plunge and finally made a LO. I’ve wanted to make a page about our favorite tech for years. I took most of these pictures just to make a page one day and found them pretty easily using the “tech” keyword in Aperture.

Journaling reads- My iPod, the little camera, the Logitech remote, our MacBook Pro’s and iPads, and Jason’s iMac were some of our favorite and longest lasting tech gadgets. They have all provided us ith years of entertainment.

Credits: April 2014 Storyteller kit
January 2014 Storyteller alpha by Just Jaimee

February 2014 StorytellerApril 2014 Storyteller by Just Jaimee

This is one of my very favorite pages I’ve ever made. Inspired by Katrina Kennedy. I loved her page so much I straight up copied the whole thing. This was also one of the more difficult pages because of the journaling. Not finding words, but omitting capitalization and punctuation. OMG so hard! It makes it somewhat difficult to read, but I actually like that because some of it is pretty personal. You have to work to read it.

Journaling reads- thirty nine years old and loves being near the water wishes he had more time for video games and comic books binge watches HGTV eats the same thing at every restaurant wants a boat and a motorcycle one day is the hardest worker I know shows love freely and openly to those he cares about avoids conflict whenever possible loves Dos Equis and Abita is a champion snuggler plans every detail so he can afford to be spontaneous craves home cooking after trips opens doors for everyone hardly ever cusses except in traffic is incredibly patient drinks sprite and iced tea holds my hand all the time wants five more minutes needs words likes superhero movies is in desperate need of a space to work misses making music starts planning for the summer ten months ahead of time is a great peacemaker makes me laugh so much is owed a dog someday is master at the long-arm selfie loves walks and swimming watches sunsets slows down to let me catch up leads the way has an affinity for sock goblins has the best heart is generous to waiters rarely complains gets mad on my behalf needs a vacation has the best hands wants to introduce us to the joys of camping is good cop is an excellent analogy maker sees the bright side is a realist hates clutter loves me is awesome

Credits: February 2014 Storyteller
April 2014 Storyteller by Just Jaimee

April 2014 Storyteller kit January 2014 Storyteller alpha by Just Jaimee

LO number 9, and I was getting super tired! This one was inspired by the great advice from Maggie Holmes. Keep a journal and use it for your journaling on your pages! That’s something I do for at least half my pages. I almost feels like it’s cheating a little because it makes my pages get done so quickly. I use Evernote and Momento to keep track of my thoughts and page ideas. Then just copy, paste, and poof, your page is 25% finished. I did the journaling for this page last month for My Details. The photo is from a random grocery trip. You can tell I was conflicted. Half healthy food and half garbage 😛

Journaling reads- When we got back from New York last year, I knew I had to make some big changes. I felt like garbage the entire trip and it put a damper on what could have been a fabulous week. I felt like garbage because I was eating garbage. I had been for a long time, but my body picked that week to rebel against me.  When we got home, I committed to Eating Clean for a week. It was pretty miserable and I was hungry all. the. time. But the thing is, I actually really love a lot of healthy foods. This was around the time I started my love affair with asparagus.  The first week didn’t kill me, so I tried another week. I started feeling lighter, and my heartburn was almost completely gone.  On week three I started adding back foods I used to eat like beans and fruit. My body was still pretty happy and I was a lot less hungry. I slowly added foods, paying attention to how the affected my body.  I learned a lot from this experiment with Clean Eating. Turns out that this life-long dairy lover can live happily without dairy. Now we go months without buying milk. We’ve only recently started buying cheese again. (My family thinks I’m a crazy person for not drinking milk every day) I don’t eat Clean every day, but eating habits have improved a lot in the last year.

Credits: April 2014 Storyteller kit
January 2014 Storyteller alpha by Just Jaimee

April 2014 Storyteller by Just Jaimee

Ok last page! This is number ten for NSD, and a LO request from Jason. He wanted three photos of the progression of the gorgeous sunset we watched on 4/26 in Key Largo. He Never requests scrapbook pages so of course I had to make it! I have a feeling this is a preview of photos that will go on our walls at some point.

I think one thing I learned during this NSD is that the simplest pages can make the biggest impact. I love clustered up pages full of ellies, but some photos can stand on their own, like these. 

Credits: April 2014 Storyteller by Just Jaimee

I think this post can be in the running for Longest Post Ever. Damn I’m wordy! That day was so much fun. Can’t wait to do it again next year!

Four awesome things in three days

Each of these is deserving of it’s own post, but knowing myself… that won’t happen. One of my goals this year is to blog things as they happen and not wait for the perfect photo or perfect words.

So here are four really great things from the past few days-

1. We got my engagement ring fixed! I slammed my hand in a case cart door at work a few years ago. We kept putting off getting it fixed because we thought it would be expensive and take weeks to get fixed. But we shopped around and found a place on Thursday that fixed it within an hour! I’m still not used to wearing a sharp object on my hand, and I’ve gouged my eye more than once. But super happy to have my ring back!

IMG_6429 IMG_6433

2. I got 138  layouts printed! Thanks to a generous gift certificate to Persnickity from my dad, I’m now very much closer to being caught up with printing. I can’t wait to share my (almost) completed albums, probably next week.


3. Anniversary stocking! I was totally going to give Jason a pass on my stocking this year. He’s sick and it’s been a crazy busy week. But he came through and totally surprised me on Friday night. Because he’s The Best.


4. We did a 5k! We decided to celebrate our anniversary by doing something healthy for ourselves. So we signed up for a 5k. Because we’re crazy. Neither of us have done one before, and with one thing and another we didn’t train much. We ran/walked half the course a couple of weeks ago and that’s about it. I can truthfully say that I was more nervous about this race than I was the day we got married. My goals were simple 1. Don’t be last… 2. Try to do it in less than an hour… and 3. Don’t break my legs.


And I was successful at all three! Plus we beat the lady walking the tiny dog. I did a bit of trash talking to that dog, so I’m glad my short legs could outrun his.


We mostly walked, but we did jog a little. Jason was really encouraged me and kept us at a good pace. I know he could have finished much faster than me, but the point was to do it together. So we held sweaty hands and walked fast. We jogged around a few bends. And we ran across the finish line. Together. I’m so proud of us! And as soon as my blisters heal up, we’ll try it again for sure.


High Five for… errr… Monday

A few recent awesome things…

1. These styles by Bekah E. I’m obsessed with flair. I’ve wanted to make my own for a really long time but couldn’t find the “perfect” style set. Now I have, and this is going to save me a ridiculous amount of money for sure.

2. Pictures from the Little Man. It’s getting cold up north. He’s a fan.


3. Scrapbooking process videos. I’ve started watching these while Jason watches football. I love Shimelle of course, but I’m getting into some of the others from Two Peas.

4. New fall shows! Right now we’re loving Sleepy Hollow, the Avengers, and the Blacklist. Good old favorites like the Mindy Project and Modern Family. NCIS was a little meh, but we’ll keep watching that until the end of time because apparently it will go on foreverrrr. A little disappointed in the Crazy Ones. I don’t like Sarah Michelle Gellar as straight woman. Looking forward to Vampire Diaries. Last season was the worst by far, so hoping they fix that (and stop making me hate Elena). Also looking forward to the Originals. Can’t wait for some pretty NOLA shots.

5. This workout video. I’m not quite a FIRM believer yet, but for a strength training video it’s not too bad.

Honorable mention goes to grape tomatoes. I’ve been keeping them in a jar on the counter and snagging a couple when I’m making dinner, or anytime for a snack. Having them right there in my face is making me reach for them instead of other, less healthy things.

Some of my favorite veggie sides


I’m pretty obsessed with veggies lately. Summer means a ton of fresh produce at the farmer’s market. Plus, I’m always trudging towards that “healthy lifestyle” thing. Which doesn’t always work, but I try to have at least two veggie sides at dinner most nights.

Here are some of my favorites that are in heavy rotation. I use a mix of fresh, frozen, and canned veggies, depending on what’s on sale and how much time I have.

Asparagus (always fresh, never ever ever eat canned asparagus!) My favorite way is cooking using this method with pesto. I’ll usually use jarred pesto, I haven’t had much luck making my own so far). It’s also great with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese, or dipped in balsamic vinaigrette.  Asparagus is Amazing dipped in Siracha dip. (I couldn’t find my recipe, but this is similar)

Broccoli (fresh or frozen). I’m not really fussy with broccoli. I like it plain with salt and pepper. A squirt of lemon juice or a some parmesan cheese is nice. It’s also great with the Siracha dip above. Actually anything is good with that. When I’m fancy, I’ll make broccoli gratin. (That recipe is worth a read to learn how to deal with broccoli stems).

Cabbage (fresh) This is my go-to slaw recipe. I also really love this spicy version, but I omit the peanuts.

Carrots I’m not a huge carrot lover. But we tried this carrot puree recipe earlier this year and it was really tasty. I also put shredded carrots in almost every soup that I make, along with celery and onion.

Cauliflower (fresh or frozen) Anything that can be done with broccoli can be done with cauliflower pretty much. I really like this spicy roasted cauliflower. (spicy is the key work here). You can also treat cauliflower like potatoes, like mashing or roasting. And of course, tossing it with some parmesan. I think the theme of this post should be “Put some parm on it”

Corn (fresh, frozen, or canned) I don’t have a “recipe” but my favorite way to eat corn is with a few shakes of onion powder, a couple of scallions, a little butter, salt and lots of pepper.

Cucumbers (fresh) This is my favorite way to eat cucumbers. I also love this cucumber salad with tomato and feta. (I omit the olives). Another super simple fresh cucumber salad recipe. If you like it spicy, this Chinese cucumber salad is yummy.

Green beans (fresh, frozen, or canned) I have a couple of green bean recipes that I’ve made for years. For Cajun green beans, drain a can of green beans and a can of diced tomatoes (fire roasted if you like it super spicy) Add a tsp of Cajun seasoning, and hot sauce to taste. Fresh steamed green beans are great with dip too. I’ll eat them cold that way with Siracha mayo as a snack.

Mushrooms (fresh) I’ll throw mushrooms in a lot of things, from soups to tacos. Sautéed mushrooms with thyme and white wine mushrooms is one of my very favorite sides. You can also roast them.

Peas (fresh, frozen, or canned) Another non-recipe recipe, but I really love adding lemon pepper seasoning to peas.

Spinach (fresh) This garlicky spinach recipe is my new favorite way to eat spinach. I can’t find my favorite creamed spinach anywhere, but this is very similar. I also love adding spinach to soup and smoothies.

Squash and Zucchini (fresh) I’ve been eating this recipe for zucchini and feta for a long time. I make a variation of it almost every week. Sometimes I skip the feta, sometimes I add mushrooms. I could eat it every day.

Of course one of the best ways to up your veggie intake is with salads in jars.

You might have noticed a trend in my recipe recommendations. I get the vast majority of my veggie recipes from Kaylin’s Kitchen. Even if you’re not into South Beach or low carb-ing it, her site is a fantastic resource for healthy food. You can type the name of any vegetable into her search bar and come up with a dozen or more recipes. I can’t recommend it enough!

I hope this helps of you find yourself in a vegetable rut. I love trying new recipes, so if you have one you love, please share! 🙂

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DSC_0003 IMG_4099 This is LM’s last week in Florida. On Thursday he’ll be taking the trip to his new home with his grandparents. We’ve been lucky enough to see him almost every weekend since he went to stay with the gp’s. He’ll come stay the afternoon with us on Saturday, and after that, it’ll probably be another year until we see him again. This is the part of the year that I dread the most, the brief time between him leaving and when we start planning for next summer.

This is also the time of year when Jason and I tend to be most productive to keep our minds off things. He’s been so busy at work, with no ending in sight. He’s getting back into music again, which is so fun to see. It seems to feel a bit freeing for him to not be collaborating with anyone right now.

I am loving the new memory in my computer. It’s going so ridiculously fast! Programs are running so smoothly. I text Jason every day telling him how awesome it is.

I’ve been having a few nice phone calls lately. Slowly coming out of my summer cocoon and reconnecting with family again. Yay for Face Time!

I’m smack in the middle of a weight loss plateau right now. Frustrating, but it happens to everyone. My body just needs time to readjust itself. I will probably do a Clean Week next week and see if that jumpstarts things back in the right direction.

I’m getting the urge to declutter and decorate. My closet is looking pretty rough right now and we’re running out of coat hangers. That’s my sign that we have way too many clothes and it’s time to start donating.

I’m super excited to start this fall’s garden. I planted tomato seeds last weekend and crossing my fingers that they’ll start sprouting soon. It’s been years since I’ve tried to grow anything from seed.

*Also, I just realized I’ve never talked here about the calendar Jason made for me last year! He did it in iPhoto, just dropping in pictures taken from each month in 2012. One of my favorite presents ever 🙂 The calendar shows LM at the airport, Tropical Storm Isaac, and reaching 100,000 miles on the car.

Good Eats- Clean Eating part 2

I promised I’d share some of my Clean Eating meals, so here are a few of my favorites. And you’ll be able to see how I changed things up so Jason wouldn’t be carb deprived in a few of the photos.

First up, before I get into the actual meals, let’s talk about batch cooking. Once a week, I’ll make a big pot of some kind of soup, like the Tomato Basil Soup pictured below. While that’s cooking on the stove, I’ll start assembling salads in jars. Yes, this is a bit time consuming. I usually do it while Jason and the Little Man are gaming over Skype on Sundays. I can see this as a nice alternative to Sunday football watching this fall. For an hour or two of work, I can get enough soup and salad for the week. This makes a Huge difference when I am pressed for time during the week.



For breakfast, I pretty much eat the same thing every day- plain oatmeal with a little salt and a few raisins or dried berries thrown in, two eggs, and if I’m still hungry, a piece of fruit.



Snacks depend a lot on my hunger level and whether or not I’ve worked out. They can be pretty much whatever I want, as long as there is protein involved. This can be a salad, an egg, a piece of fruit with a glass of milk, or a cup of soup. Whatever’s handy.

Lunch is usually leftovers from last night’s dinner. If there aren’t any, it’s salad and soup time. If needed, I’ll add a couple of slices of turkey on the side.



If I get the munchies in the afternoon, I’ll usually just have a spoon of peanut butter and a few chocolate chips. (Not perfectly Clean, but I’m keeping in real).

Here are a few of our dinners from the past few weeks. See a pattern? Protein + at least two veggies. Pretty easy.

Crab cakes, cucumber salad, broccoli. (Pasta and extra crab cake for Jason)


Pork roast, asparagus, sautéed mushrooms, green beans. (Plus pasta for Jason)


Baked fish, asparagus with pesto, steamed broccoli (Can you tell I have a thing for asparagus lately?)


Crock pot chicken, peas, broccoli, green beans


I made Zatarains for Jason with turkey sausage. I cooked up plain turkey sausage for myself plus veggies. This was way too much sausage for me. Will have much less next time.


Baked fish with tomatoes and parmesan cheese, asparagus, mushrooms. Noodles for Jason.



I’m sure you’ve noticed I use a lot of the same sides over and over. This is mostly because the first couple of weeks I was pretty restrictive with the carbs. I’ve lightened up a little since then, adding in more legumes and a little rice or potatoes now and then. I’m trying to gradually add things in.

This is how the weekdays go. Weekends are a lot more splurge-y. Clearly, this huge plate of Jambalaya pasta was not Clean. For me, it’s all about trying to find the right balance between healthy and unhealthy. Some days I do really great. Some days (like this weekend) I completely fall on my ass. But it’s a process. You pick yourself up, dust off, and continue on.

Good Eats- Clean eating edition

I love Tosca Reno. She’s been an inspiration to me for years through reading Oxygen magazine and her books. (Not that you can tell from looking at me, but I do read a LOT about nutrition and exercise). In her 40’s, she decided to take control of her life, lost a bunch of weight, started pumping iron, and winning fitness competitions. She has overcome the long-term illnesses and eventual deaths of both her step-son and her husband. She shows incredible strength in so many aspects of her life, and is another great example of making step-families and blended families work. I want to be like her when I grow up.

I’ve been taking slow steps towards that ever-elusive “healthy lifestyle” since last year. I gave up soda (again) and started exercising. And I lost a grand total of about four pounds. Which of course is better than no pounds, but seriously? I’ve known from years of experience that I can workout like a maniac, but not lose much weight. I think I overeat to compensate. Nothing kills a good workout like grabbing doughnuts afterwards.

Something clicked when we got back from New York though. After a week of garbage food, or no food at all, I was so ready for a change. I was feeling sick and rundown and my body was screaming for veggies. So I planned on having a Clean Week when I got back. I have them every so often after I’ve overindulged for too long. I think of them as hitting the reset button. Not a diet or anything, just giving up crap for awhile.

Clean Week for me is pretty simple- protein and veggies, no pasta or bread, no dairy, no legumes, lots of water. Carbs come mostly in the form of oatmeal, apples, and sweet potatoes. Three meals a day plus two snacks. Protein at every meal and snack. Lots and lots and lots of veggies. Pretty straightforward.

This is not something I can, or want to sustain for very long. I’ll never be Paleo, I love dairy way too much. And beans. So I’ll usually have a Clean Week, then go back to normal. Except that it’s been  almost three weeks now, and Eating Clean is becoming kind of… normal.

Week one was as I described above. Week two, I added in beans and more fruit. That felt ok, so Week three I added dairy back in. Just a little, not every day. And I feel… mostly good. Still eating a boatload of veggies, with the help of salads in jars. Still chugging water like it’s going out of style. And amazingly… I started actually losing a little weight! Note that this was not my goal initially. I was just trying to help my poor body get some nutrients and hydration that it desperately needed.

Last week I had lost ten pounds from my all-time-highest-weight-ever in-the-history-of-the-world that I reached in January. By June 1, I’ll almost certainly have lost the fifteen pounds I gained since last summer. It’s kind of surreal.

This post has become way longer and more ramble-y than I intended, so I’ll hit some of the highlights and lowlights of the past couple weeks of Clean Eating.

Good stuff-
Losing weight.
Less heartburn. Okay this was amazingly unexpected and fabulous. I get heartburn a LOT, and have for years and years. I go through Prilosec and Tums like they’re candy. In the past three weeks, I’ve taken Prilosec twice! Usually in that amount of time, I’ve taken 8-10. And I eat tomatoes and other acid filled foods on a daily basis. I don’t get it, but I’m thrilled!
Feeling better. I’m telling you, the week after we got back from NY I felt like I’d been run over. Joint pain, stomach pain, blah blah blah. But it’s crazy how much better I feel just by eating better food.
More energy. I’m not ready to run a marathon or anything, but I see a noticeable difference in my energy level.
Putting the LoseIt app to good use. I started tracking my food regularly in February with this app. I’ve been using it on and off since 2009, and I can’t say enough good things about it. I’m not obsessive about calories or anything, but it’s another useful tool.

Not-so good stuff
Time- It takes a lot of time to eat Clean. Planning time, prepping time, time doing the damn dishes. I’m running the dishwasher twice a day almost every day. The rest doesn’t bother me a lot, I was menu planning anyway, but man all those dirty dishes!
My face has blown the hell up. I usually have pretty good skin (genetics, not anything special I’m doing) But right now my face looks… gross. I thought eating better was supposed to help your skin look better. I’m hoping this is just my body’s way of releasing toxins or something and that it’ll go back to normal soon.
It’s more expensive, but not much. This is one of those things that will vary a lot from family to family. Yes, it can get really expensive to buy enough protein for every single meal and snack. But when you consider the things you’re not buying, like sugary drinks, snacks, etc., then it becomes more do-able. I think people can run into difficulties if not everybody is on board with eating Clean. Like if your kids want all the garbage food, but you still need to buy ten pounds of chicken every week. That can get expensive.

Luckily for me, Jason has been super supportive in this whole thing. He’s not eating Clean, but he’s eating better. He eats what I eat, plus I’ll cook pasta or rice with dinner for him so he won’t be carb deprived. He’s just happy for home cooked food, so he’s not picky. I don’t think he’ll ever super love asparagus and broccoli as much as I do, but he tolerates it pretty well. The interesting thing will be when the Little Man comes this summer. I’ll probably relax things for the few weeks he’s here. We’ll see…

I’m going to come back later with pictures of what a typical day of food looks like.

Salads in jars

Salads in mason jars are all the rage right now. I’ve seen them on Pinterest for the past year or so and have been thinking about them on and off since then. I even started saving jars for possible future salads. But it wasn’t until I saw this post from Peppermint that I finally took some action and made some of my own.

I’ve been making salads in jars for two weeks now, and I’m totally hooked! Yes, they are initially time consuming, but they more than make up for it in convenience and health benefits. And now that I’ve started cleaning up my diet, they have gone a long way in helping me make healthier choices. You cant get much more convenient than popping open a jar and pouring a salad in a bowl.

I won’t rehash everything Peppermint wrote, check out her post for more tips. I will just add a few things that I’ve observed over the past couple of weeks.

First of all, you don’t need to go out and buy mason jars. Regular old spaghetti jars are just as magical. But if you’re not a jar hoarder like me, then go ahead and buy some mason jars. They’re pretty cheap.

Definitely use fresh produce. While jar salads do stay crispy and fresh, they only do so if your ingredients are that way to begin with. I’ve eaten one salad with super fresh ingredients that I made eight days before. But I did run into some sketchy mushrooms that I ended up tossing out from a five day old salad because they weren’t at the “peak of freshness” when I put them in.

People differ on whether or not to put dressing, meat, and cheese in jarred salads. I think if you’re using a vinaigrette dressing, then by all means put that on the bottom and layer veggies on top that can marinate in the dressing. That’s actually my very favorite part of these salads. I haven’t tried it with a creamy dressing, but other people have, and it seems to work. I don’t feel comfortable putting meat and cheese in my jars, but that’s a personal preference. This is partly because I use a lot of shrimp in mine and I don’t want them hanging out in jars in my fridge all week. So I usually just add my shrimp or chicken in at the last minute.

Here are a few of the salads I’ve made so far, and how I put them together.

For my first batch, I just used produce I already had on hand.


I layered them, from bottom to top- balsamic vinaigrette, cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, green onions, mushrooms, and lettuce.


This one was so good! The marinated cucumbers were delicious, and still had great crunch. Here is what the salad looked like out of the jar.(some people eat theirs right out of the jar, but mine were really tightly packed, so I would’ve made a mess trying to mix everything up in the jar.

IMG_0719The first week I made four salads, and ate them all (except the sketchy mushrooms on the last day).

The second week, I got more ambitious. I made two different salads in seven jars. They look like a little wedding party all lined up.


I had to use smaller jars for a couple of them, but those worked well for side salads or snacks.

Three of the jars contained my very favorite shrimp salad. I layered the ingredients like this-  dressing, beans, green onions, mandarin oranges, then greens. I was a little worried that the moisture from the oranges would wilt the lettuce, but it was fine. You just have to make sure you drain the oranges really well.


Here it is with shrimp aded.


I got inspiration for the second salad from this Mexican chopped salad with honey-lime dressing. I made the dressing exactly, but changed up the salad a bit. It was fantastic and so fresh tasting. I think I want to tweak it a bit though. I layered it this way- dressing, peppers, beans, tomato, corn, then lettuce. Like my first salad, the veggies that got marinated in the dressing were my favorite part of this one.


It was great with leftover chicken.


Or with just the veggies, like here. Can you believe that this salad lasted eight days in my fridge? (well maybe you can, with my bad kitchen lighting. It tastes better than it looks, I promise!)


So there you have it, adventures in salad making. I’d call this one a rousing success!

This week I’m going to make my shrimp and southwest salads again. But I will definitely post up if I discover any other great jar salad combos. I’d love to hear if anyone out there has tried this before!

High Five for Friday is back!

I missed you, H54F.

1. NFL Bad Lip Reading. Damn you Molly Wood. One night this week I was all set to go to bed at a decent hour, but noooo. You had to tweet about NFL Bad Lip Reading. Which led us down the rabbit hole of all the Bad Lip Readings. An hour and a half later…

2. Halfway there. I mentioned in my goals post that I want to walk 40 miles this month and do 12 (small) strength training workouts. Still working through that, but doing well despite an uncooperative knee. Already thinking of what I want to add in next month.


3. Squash and smoothies. I’ve eaten something with summer squash or zucchini four times this week and I could keep going. Smoothies still aren’t my favorite, but I’m experimenting with green ones.


4. Picture of the Little Man’s new hair cut.


5. Oshogatsu at the Morikami was last weekend. It was awesome, as always.