High Five for Friday


Here are some cool things about this past week…

Photo Walk. On Saturday, we participated in the Worldwide Photo Walk. It was our first “official” photo walk, though we’ve done a few by ourselves, like in
downtown Nashville. It was pretty interesting, and I’ll be writing about it and sharing photos soon.


The return of Civilization Sundays. Jason and the Little Man have started gaming on Sundays again. Nice bonding time for the guys.


This slow cooker website. One old favorite is her Slow Cooker Rotisserie Chicken. One new favorite is her Slow Cooker Oatmeal, which I’ve been enjoying almost every morning for a few weeks. (I skip the spices in the apple version and use one Granny Smith and one sweeter apple in mine)

The Internet. (and people who take the time to help in forums) I’ve had a problem for a really long time with the way iPhoto and PSE talked to each other. This was not resolved once I bought Aperture. I have researched the hell out of this problem on and off for about two years. I finally found the answer this week. It helps if you know the correct search terms.

Football games on the iPad. I am pretty militant about what I allow in the bedroom. As my Nanny said, “The bedroom is for two things, sleep and…”. She never did tell me what that second thing was, but I have since figured it out. I do not like TV’s in the bedroom. I do not like computers in the bedroom. The bedroom is serious business people! I don’t want distractions in there.

But the one exception is football games on the iPad. There is no way I can stay awake for late night games. And our couch is incredibly uncomfortable, so it’s not good to fall asleep on (unless you’re Jason, who can apparently sleep on anything). So we compromised. When I start to nod off, we go to bed and he brings the iPad to finish up the game. He gets football and I get sleep. Win win.


Honorable mention goes to Miami Subs and Dominoes, who rescued us from two different crisis food situations this week.

Some lows this week include- My dad being furloughed, bad chicken, and lots of early morning work calls. Also being without a working oven for over a week.

This was a bit of a challenging week, but we have it better than a lot of people so keeping complaints to a minimum.

High Five for… errr… Monday

A few recent awesome things…

1. These styles by Bekah E. I’m obsessed with flair. I’ve wanted to make my own for a really long time but couldn’t find the “perfect” style set. Now I have, and this is going to save me a ridiculous amount of money for sure.

2. Pictures from the Little Man. It’s getting cold up north. He’s a fan.


3. Scrapbooking process videos. I’ve started watching these while Jason watches football. I love Shimelle of course, but I’m getting into some of the others from Two Peas.

4. New fall shows! Right now we’re loving Sleepy Hollow, the Avengers, and the Blacklist. Good old favorites like the Mindy Project and Modern Family. NCIS was a little meh, but we’ll keep watching that until the end of time because apparently it will go on foreverrrr. A little disappointed in the Crazy Ones. I don’t like Sarah Michelle Gellar as straight woman. Looking forward to Vampire Diaries. Last season was the worst by far, so hoping they fix that (and stop making me hate Elena). Also looking forward to the Originals. Can’t wait for some pretty NOLA shots.

5. This workout video. I’m not quite a FIRM believer yet, but for a strength training video it’s not too bad.

Honorable mention goes to grape tomatoes. I’ve been keeping them in a jar on the counter and snagging a couple when I’m making dinner, or anytime for a snack. Having them right there in my face is making me reach for them instead of other, less healthy things.

High Five for Friday

1. Veronica Mars movie is green lit! Shooting starts in June! Yay!!! Two weeks after I nearly lost my s**t over the VM Kickstarter, it’s official! Super excited!

2. Call Me Maybe, orchestra edition. Okay I’m sure I’m probably the last person on earth to see this, but just in case I’m not…

3. This recipe for cucumber/ vinegar/ honey deliciousness. 

4. Green things. I planted iris bulbs this week and I can’t wait to go get more plant-y goodness this weekend!

5. Pop Culture Happy hour podcast. Catching up on a bunch of back episodes and really enjoying them.

Also loving….

Ice Cream for Breakfast Day on Thursday.
The Mentalist. Still. It’s our new comfort show.
Lazy weekend mornings when we can sleep until 9 and we don’t feel like Death on a Cracker.

Happy Friday!

High Five for Friday

This has been a week of ups and downs. Here are some of the highlights.

1. Jason is on the road to recovery. He’s asked me to keep details private, so I’ll respect that. I’m just happy everything went well and he got to stay home a few days this week. So great to have him home all day. I think the worst is hopefully over and we can get back to normal in the next couple of weeks. So happy and relieved. This has been a stressful couple of weeks for us.

2. This soup. My first attempt at cream of chicken soup and it was fantastic!

3. How Stuff Works podcasts. I love almost all of these podcasts. A couple of recent favorites are the Cult of Domesticity from Stuff Mom Never Told You (a must-listen for any hipster/ lifestyle blogger/ home cooks) and The Parenthood Wars from PopStuff.

4. Netflix Streaming. We’re blasting through the last season of Alias right now. The implausibility verges on the ridiculous sometimes, but it’s a nice escape. And they still make our jaws drop every couple of episodes. Last weekend we had an Independent film marathon. Ten Inch Hero, HottieBoombaLottie, Splinterheads, and Miss Nobody. All really good. Nice, light funny movies.

5. Cooking at home. Sometimes I get so tired of cooking. I just want to grab a box or bag of something and throw it in the oven or microwave. We all have days like that, right? Well I think my days of boxes and bags are numbered. I found something so disgusting in a bag of fries last weekend that I think I’m completely turned off of processed foods for the foreseeable future. It still makes me shudder to think about it. So my new rule is, if I can’t see what’s in the package, I’m going to think twice before buying it.  Which means if I want fries, I guess I’ll have to learn how to fry things. Which I’m terrible at. Anyone know of any good baked fries recipes?


High Five for Friday is back!

I missed you, H54F.

1. NFL Bad Lip Reading. Damn you Molly Wood. One night this week I was all set to go to bed at a decent hour, but noooo. You had to tweet about NFL Bad Lip Reading. Which led us down the rabbit hole of all the Bad Lip Readings. An hour and a half later…

2. Halfway there. I mentioned in my goals post that I want to walk 40 miles this month and do 12 (small) strength training workouts. Still working through that, but doing well despite an uncooperative knee. Already thinking of what I want to add in next month.


3. Squash and smoothies. I’ve eaten something with summer squash or zucchini four times this week and I could keep going. Smoothies still aren’t my favorite, but I’m experimenting with green ones.


4. Picture of the Little Man’s new hair cut.


5. Oshogatsu at the Morikami was last weekend. It was awesome, as always.


High Five for Friday

Lots to be grateful for/ excited about the past couple of weeks!

1. Making progress with the old knee. I’m completely off crutches now, but steps are still pretty painful. I have to hold onto a rail for dear life, but progress!

2. Presidential debates are way more fun with social media. Twitter has the best jokes and FB has good conversations. And we mostly keep it civil. Mostly.

3. Too Close by Alex Clare. Yeah, the one on the internet explorer commercials. Don’t hate.

4. Candy Corn. Candy corn is the devil. bad for my teeth. bad for my general health. awesome.

5. TV + Plex App. Might do a post on this later, or get Jason to do one. We’ve been playing with it for months on and off, but we might have it right this time *crosses fingers*

Honorable mention goes to Yankee Candle fall candles. They make the whole house smell good before I even light them.

Short and sweet this week 🙂

High Five for Friday


1. Apple pie. From Winn Dixie. With ice cream. The end.

2. New dishes. We’ve been wanting white square dishes for years. We always look at them and sigh and say “One day…..”. Well Saturday was the day. We found some for cheap at Costco and they’re pretty sweet. But they are huge, way bigger than our other dishes. I think we’ll eat off the dessert plates and use the regular plates as serving platters. We actually put a whole roasted chicken on one of the big plates and it fit, that’s how big these are. We also got some glass Snapware containers for lunches. I’m trying to rid our house of plastic dishes and it was really nice to get rid of our old stained ziplock plastics.

3. New Camera!!!

4. Being tech support. I rarely get the opportunity to be tech support for anyone except my mom. And Jason is actually in tech support, so of course he never needs my help. But when he tried to post about our new camera on his blog he ran into a couple of problems uploading photos. And I was actually able to help for once, so that felt kind of good.

5. Shrimp and grits. I made some last night that were so easy and so tasty!

It was a good week. The new camera and dishes inspired me to spend a lot more time in the kitchen. I tried several new recipes and I’m excited to put them up here in the next week.

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High Five for Friday


This week was mostly taken up by worries over Tropical Storm/ Hurricane Isaac. Other than that, it was pretty quiet. Here are a few good things…

1. Everybody’s ok. Everyone in my immediate family, at least. Isaac was not very bad for us at all. The real worry was for my Jason’s dad and brother, who live outside of New Orleans. We got a short message from him yesterday that everything was ok, but no real details. I know Slidell, that the town we stayed in when we visited them a few years ago had devastating flooding. Really terrible situation and our thoughts are with those in the Gulf region affected by the hurricane.

2. Sherlock. On a lighter note, we finished up the second season this week. I loved it, especially the first episode with the smokin’ hot Irene.

3. Presidential Knife Fight. I stumbled across this post yesterday from the Face In the Blue blog wherein he hypothesizes which president would win if there was a Hunger Games style arena knife fight to the death. Now y’all know I love me some Hunger Games. I also love me some history. So this was probably my favorite read all week.

4. Mojo is running high. I’ve lost count of the scrapbook pages I’ve made this week. It was a lot though. And I could probably sit and do a dozen more right now, but there are other things that are taking away from that… showering, job search, etc.

5. The return of John Stewart. We missed him during the little hiatus.

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High Five for Friday


Wow this marks my 10th High Five for Friday post! I’m not always consistent about doing them, it’s been over a month since I wrote one, but I love gathering together snippets of things that I’m excited about and grateful for. These will be fun looking back at in five years, that’s for sure.

So here are five awesome things from the last month or so…

1. Hunger Games. Oh yes. Obsessed. Read of my love of all things HG here.

2. Looking (nearly) normal again. I had my eyelid I&D a couple of weeks ago. I looked pretty gross for awhile before and after, but on the road to looking like myself again. It’s awesome not to look like the bad guy in the Green Lantern anymore. Or like I got in a bar fight.

3. My sister got her first job!!!! SO proud of her!!! She has had so many struggles these past month with the house fire and the ending of her long term relationship. I’m so glad things are looking up for her.

4. Little Man made it safely back to CA and is doing well. He started school Monday. Will post a pic as soon as him mom sends me one.

5. Fluffy shows and books. I’m tearing through the Amelia Peabody mysteries. I started reading them back in high school, but I stopped somewhere around book 12 or 13. I picked them up again after I read HG. I decided to start over again, and I’m on the 12th book. It’s kind of interesting reading them as a married lady v. reading them in high shool and in my early 20’s. I was surprised to realize how these books have influenced some of my thinking, especially about men.

Also watching a lot of Big Bang Theory reruns, and our usual House Hunters and Bitchin’ Kitchen. Can’t wait to introduce little man to Nadia G. As Jason said, “He is so going to be in love with her”. I don’t think he’s the only one 😛

Okay one more thing that I’m ridiculously stupidly excited for…

6. Holy Balls Becky Higgins! I actually said that out loud when I saw that she’s going to be doing a SMALLER VERSION OF A PROJECT LIFE ALBUM!!! I am so intimidated by her 12×12 albums. I always have everything printed in 8×8 whether it’s pages or books. That’s one of my main reasons for doing PL in digital form. And I probably still will. But I would LOVE to maybe use one of her smaller books as Little Man’s next summer book. Or to make mini books of trips. Or… oh so many possibilities there! She has a ton of new announcements up on her blog this week, including designs by Elise Blaha (!), new baby kits, and new kits for kids. Hopefully these will all be available digitally too. Can’t wait!

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