Summer 2013 Pages

Every summer, we cram a whole year’s worth of fun into five short weeks. We travel. We do fun things around town. We love on each other.

We also take thousands of photos.

Every year, I say to myself THIS is the year that I do something with all those photos and stories. Every year I fail pretty epic-ly.

This year I decided to do something a little differently. I sat down with all my photos and started brainstorming ideas for pages. I looked through my blog archives for more ideas. I ended up with over 250 different stories and LO ideas.

Now of course there is no way I will ever do 250 scrapbook pages about one summer. That’s just insane. I would have to do 50 pages a month to get finished in time for next summer.  But I think by using a combination of Project Life, photo collages, and traditional pages, I can probably make a pretty huge dent.

I want to make all kinds of pages- pages about places we went, everyday things around the house, how we have changed and grown since last year, and the relationships between the three of us. They will all go into different albums based on topic (I use Stacy Julian’s Library of Memories system). But I wanted a place to put them all together in a semi-chronological order. At some point I want to gather them all together in book form to give to the Little Man.

I’ll be updating this page as I add more layouts. Each will be linked to the blog post with credits. Documenting our summers is always a huge undertaking. Hopefully in the end I’ll have a pretty good overview of this summer. Wish me luck!

January 2014 Storyteller by Just Jaimee

September 2013 Storyteller by Just JaimeeMarch freebie template by Amy Martin

Back together web

Welcome Home web

First pancakes web

first swim web

January 2014 Storyteller by Just Jaimee

January 2014 Storyteller by Just Jaimee

January 2014 Storyteller by Just Jaimee

you've grown web

Fresh Fields by Mandy KingJubilee template by Zolio

January 2014 Storyteller by Just Jaimee

Road Trip Full web

we heart cracker barrel web

Remembering by Ohana Designs

2014 January Storyteller by Just Jaimee

Beautiful Blessings by Mandy KingArchitect's Daughter font

2014 January Storyteller by Just JaimeeStarter Pack by Anna BV

September 2013 Storyteller by Just Jaimee

Beautiful Blessings kit and Word Art by Mandy Kinggrandma z2 web

September 2013 Storyteller by Just Jaimee

air and space web

Pinstriped by Inspired by DominicArchitect's Daughter font

not a fan webyorktown web

I Like Big Boats webCalm Life web

Bazinga web

Hello Sunshine webSpring into Health by Inspired by Dominictemplate by Scrappin' with Liz

surprise web

September 2013 Storyteller by Just Jaimee

That's Life iNSD collab January 2013 alpha by Connie Prince

Captain Americas web

Yogi web

Shine by Mandy KingWA by Word Art Worldtemplate by La Belle Vie

Just Breathe by Ohana DesignsTemplate by Seatrout Scraps (modified)

Life Is Good web

sillies web

March 2014 Storyteller by Just Jaimee Lifted from a LO by Monica Bradford

Just Around the Bend by Mandy KingMap made with Books in Aperture

Another Day by Pretty In Green

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