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This week-

We camped and celebrated Father’s Day.
LM made more origami and I made zoodles.
We ate microwave s’mores and saw huge spiders.
We gave LM an iPad mini for his birthday (because Jason is physically incapable of keeping a present secret).
My plants grew and Miss Kitty ventured onto the couch.
We played Frisbee very badly and I caught this awesome, but slightly scary pic of LM on the swings.

Looking forward to- burgers, beach, cooking together, and a three day weekend!

Around here


I love snails.


I recently discovered the secret to perfectly peel-able boiled eggs! Put your raw eggs into water that’s already boiling. I’ve always done cold-start boiled eggs, so I guess that’s why my eggs always looked so awful and never peeled right. It’s like magic!


Little Man got some funky sunglasses and sent us a pic. Love how you can see his hand in the reflection. I can’t get over how long his hair is! It’s going to take some getting used to. But it’s his head so….


Double rainbow!


My seedlings are coming right along. Amazingly all my orphaned plants are still doing well. I’ll need to do a garden update soon.


I tried the new caramel crunch frappuccino. It’s pretty tasty, the “crunch” comes from bits of toffee.


We got library cards!


I’ve been without a pedometer since I lost my fitbit in December. I need to see numbers for motivation, so I picked up a cheap one at Target.


Jason did some repair work on the RC car and we took it out for a spin at the park.


Who’s the prettiest girl?


I’m working on hanging things on our walls finally. Last time I meticulously measured everything out and they were still not evenly spaced. This time I just guestimated and used my fingers as measuring tools.

And lastly, today is the nine year anniversary of our first meeting IRL. I will say a lot of things privately today, but I do want to say here- Thank you for taking a leap of faith and getting on a plane and flying almost 1000 miles to come meet me. Thank you for that first hug that changed my life. You still make me feel giddy and awkward in the best way. ❤

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Around here lately, it’s been rainy, but we still love spending time outside.

MK started playing with her jingly ball for the first time in the five or so years we’ve had it.

We sent out Little Man’s Easter box, which he loved. It’s harder this year to figure out what he wanted, so we finally just asked. (He got comics and money, with some treats thrown in).

He still loves root beer. (Pic from his mom).

I went kind of nuts at the plant sale at Lowe’s. I need to start my own orphanage for plants, I always gravitate towards the saddest looking ones. “I can fix them all!” (and I usually do)

We’re about 95% unpacked. We cleared out LM’s room much quicker than last time. (It took us two whole months to get his room together in 2012). I’m super proud of everything we’ve accomplished in less than a month!

We started hanging pictures this week.

We took an impromptu trip to the beach last weekend. This is the farthest we’ve lived from the beach ever, around a 25 minute drive. But I have a feeling we’ll be going there a lot more often without Jason’s long commute and crazy work hours. We’re finding ourselves doing more spontaneous things like we used to. It feels so good.

MK ventured out onto the balcony for the first time. We’ve debated on letting her out there or not, but she did really well. Until she decided my planter would make a nice comfy bed…

Sunsets here are amazingly beautiful. I can’t get enough of them.

Around here.

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I have been feeling the urge to move lately. I love our place, but Jason’s commute is terrible so we’d love to find a comparable apartment down south. I want to be sure to capture our favorite bits of our place right now, so I’ve been taking pictures of things around the house.

I have a gift for my sister in mind and it’s been fun playing with paint this week.

There have been many, many work calls interrupting our sleep lately causing me to drink more coffee than usual. We’re also going into work on the weekends now, which stinks.

We finally made it to Rorabeck’s for the first time this summer last weekend. I went a little crazy buying produce, but we’ve been really enjoying upping the veggies! I tried making zucchini chips for the first time, and I’m working on creating our new favorite taco dinner ever!

The little bit of free time Jason has in the evenings has been spent watching TV. We started Orange is the New Black, but it’s not exactly relaxing after a hard day of work, so we’re going to hold off finishing that until his schedule slows down, hopefully in November (crossing fingers!) We finished up this season of Next Food Network Star, and I think we’re finished with that show forever. The search continues for a new comfort show….