So that happened…

It’s been an interesting weekend.

Friday I had to give Miss Kitty her first bath. I usually don’t believe in giving cats baths except in the case of dire flea or bowel emergencies. Let’s just say she doesn’t have fleas and leave it at that. So into the bath she went. She was not happy. I was not happy. It’s been years since I had to bathe a cat, and unfortunately I forgot an important component, a cup for rinsing off. So I had to dunk. It was traumatic, but thankfully I only had to really wash half of her.

The look of betrayal.

Saturday started out pretty great. We took the car for her 100,000 mile checkup. Everything came out well, which is good because we were worried about the steering. While we were there, Jason test drove a Fusion hybrid. He really liked it! We’re not in the market for anything new since we just got the car paid off last week (!!!). But it was really fun to try out something new. And the sales guy was super mellow and didn’t pressure us at all. We also looked around the lot and Jason found his dream Mustang.

We went shopping around a little and I found a fabulous grey sweater and a couple other things. I really don’t like shopping much and hardly ever find anything I like and that fits, so that was pretty exciting. Weird buying sweaters in almost 90 degree weather though.

We had Costco hot dogs/ swirly frozen yogurt lunch. Lunch for two for under $5, we’re cheap dates 🙂 And of course we had to pose with the huge stuffed animals.

Then we went to Bedner’s to look at pumpkins and maybe do a hay ride. I got one picture before things started going downhill.

We went down to the pumpkin patch. It was muddy and the ground was uneven. I got one of my feet stuck in the mud and down I went. My knee went one way and my leg went the other way. I could feel it pop out of place. I got it back in, thank goodness.

So we went to the ER to have it x-rayed to make sure nothing was broken. Let’s just say it was not the best experience and I will be making phone calls tomorrow. I am beyond livid at a couple of things that happened while I was there. But I’m not going into that. Keeping things on the positive side, most of the staff was very kind, most especially the security guard in the ER. She saw that I couldn’t walk well and brought me a wheelchair to the parking lot. She brought me ice packs and was generally awesome. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how rare that is 🙂

When we finally got home, Jason went out to shoot the moon. Pretty great right? (I stole this from his blog).

I have a few more pictures from this weekend, but I’m pretty tired so I think I’ll hold off on them tomorrow.