Big Honkin’ Layout Share, featuring 2005, wedding, Christmas, travel, and an old school Project Life page

I have been scrapping my booty off lately! Here are a few of my latest pages.

First up are the new releases from the GingerScraps designers.

2005-06-01 back and forth web

I think this might be one of my favorites, ever. As I mentioned last week, I’m working on scrapping some of my 2005 memories. One of the biggest themes of that year was all the traveling back and forth that Jason and I did to see each other. The honeymoon collection could not have been more perfect to scrap that! The map paper, oh I love it so much. I’ve been trying to come up with fresh ideas for photo-less pages, and the Word Paths were a great jumping off point in my design. I’m really proud of this page.

Journaling reads- Being in a long distance relationship involved a lot of travel for both of us. After that first visit, we tried to get together once every month or so. He would fly to Nashville or I would fly to West Palm. Those visits were one of the lifelines of our relationship. We measured time by how long it was until we would see each other next. So many of our conversations centered around planning the logistics of our visits, where we would stay, what we would do together. Thinking back, I remember it was hard, but it was all so worth it to see each other.

Honeymoon Collection Bundle by JB Studio and Meagan’s Creations 
Word Paths {You & Me} by Little Rad Trio

I’m working my way through wedding photos this year too. I’m so glad that I didn’t scrap all of them when I first started. I like that my wedding pages reflect the evolution of my style, and aren’t stuck back in my 2010 style. I have hundreds of photos, so I figure I’ll scrap a few each year, and I’ll be finished sometime around 2075-sh.

Skip A Beat by Luv Ewe Designs

Skip A Beat by Luv Ewe Designs

Tracie, from Clever Monkey Graphics released a couple of Christmas kits this week, so y’all know I snatched those up! You can’t have too many Christmas kits, right?

The first one documents our doughnut obsession.

Holiday Cookie Exchange by Clever Monkey Graphics

Journaling reads- Let’s not talk about the amount of Christmas doughnuts we ingested this year…. Dec. 2014

Holiday Cookie Exchange by Clever Monkey Graphics

And the next one shows off some more photos from Four Freedoms Park, where we stopped on our way to Louisiana. I’ve already done a few pages about it, but I wanted to do one that showed how they had it decorated.

Merry and Bright by Clever Monkey Graphics Day By Day by Dagi's Temp-tations

Merry and Bright by Clever Monkey Graphics
Day By Day by Dagi’s Temp-tations

Last year, I took the Catch Up with Project Life class at BPC, where I made several pages for my 2011 Project Life album. (Which I just realize I never shared here) I’m coming close to finishing, and I’m pretty excited!

That year I made a single page spread for each week. So I knew Dagi’s new templates would be great to use for my next unfinished week. In a stroke of scrapping serendipity, the colors in Blue Heart Scrap’s newest kit worked out just perfect for that week too.

Make Memories by Blue Heart Scraps Day by Day template by Dagi's Temp-Tations

It was neat looking back at our “old old” apartment. You can just barely see the little Kitty head peeking out from around the stairs.

But I have to say, thank goodness for Rad Lab, because a lot of those pictures were kind of rough. I’m resisting the urge to try and fix the photos in my PL pages from that year before I get them printed. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Make Memories by Blue Heart Scraps
Day by Day template by Dagi’s Temp-Tations

I have lots more pages to share this weekend. It has been an amazingly busy scrappy month around here!

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Simple Scrapper LO’s for January

2014-01-10 Tree down web

Welcome to 2015! Here are my pages inspired by January Simple Scrapper Premium membership materials.

The first tells the story of my Christmas tree procrastination. I know some people like taking them down early, but I like to extend the season as long as possible! Although this year we had Christmas in June too, so my need to keep it up an extra month might be tempered a bit. We’ll see…

Journaling reads- I like to keep the Christmas tree up longer than most people. It doesn’t happen every year, but ideally I like to keep it up until around my birthday in February. It sounds weird, but I like to stretch the season out as long as I can.

Holiday Traditions by Connie Prince
January 2015 template by Simple Scrapper (modified)
Inspired by a Story Starter from Simple Scrapper January 2011

2014-03-31 Coral Springs  web

My second page talks about how excited we were to move to Coral Springs. I love the journal card with the row of houses. I feel like the past few months have shown me over and over how much I have to be grateful for living here and being able to spend so much more time together.

Journaling reads- Moving from West Palm to Coral Springs was the opportunity for a fresh start. We were so excited to explore a new town. We loved our new apartment. We loved all the parks. Most of all we were excited to have more time together. No more two hour a day commute!

November 2014 Storyteller by Just Jaime
Inspired by a Story Starter from Simple Scrapper (Jan 2015)
February 2013 sketch by Simple Scrapper

*I am a Creative Team Member. This means that I receive free products in exchange for making and advertising layouts for designers. However, the opinions expressed here are my own. The enthusiasm expressed here is definitely my own. See more of my CT layouts here.

December Daily, part two

Congratulations, Jen! You’re a mere 16 days behind on your holiday book! *cue wild applause*. Here are pages from December 1st through 5th.

DD1201a web

The first page features a beautiful printable from Marie Lottermoser.

December 2014 Storyteller by Just Jaimee  November 2014 Storyteller alpha

I did a couple of lists from 30 Days of Lists, one from 2013 and one from this year. I’m torn on what to do with this page. I’m tempted to split it and make it one half page, front and back. One of the big reasons I decided to do a cheapo Blurb book for DD this year was so I can play around and cut up pages. This spread might be my first victim… err experiment.


I initially wanted this to be a strictly holiday album, but changed my mind around December 2nd. I like having little bits of our daily lives in here. And Monday Night Football is seasonal, right?

December 2014 Storyteller by Just Jaimee  November 2014 Storyteller alpha

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a few “holiday fails” I love the splotches of gold glitter that give this page a messy look.

2014 December Storyteller by Just Jaimee

Speaking of holiday fails, I just found a typo in the next page. Good job! Anyway, yay fancy decorated palm trees! And boo overpriced Cronuts!

DD1204a web

Because I always strive to keep things classy, I’m using a sheet as a tree skirt this year. I’m playing around with different RadLab filters this season. Not sure if I love it, but it’s fun trying new things.

December 2014 Storyteller by Just Jaimee   Photo from NASA websiteOkay y’all this page is my favorite! I didn’t have a picture for the 5th, so I stole this one from NASA. I had absolutely no idea how to decorate it at first, but do you know what the awesome thing about Christmas kits is? They’re filled with stars and “countdown” words- both of which are perfect for all your nerdy holiday space related December Daily pages! I totally squealed and bounced up and down in my seat when I figured that one out.

Supplies used-
Christmas Countdown bundle by JB Studio
December 2014 Storyteller by Just Jaimee

The rest of my album can be found here-
Plan and cover page
November pages 

Christmas Outtakes using Tinsel Town by Mandy King

Tinsel Town by Mandy King

I am so in love with Mandy’s new kit! I just wanted to take every single ellie and throw it on the page. So I kinda did. So much that it’s almost hard to see the pictures, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, since they’re not exactly stellar. There you can see some of the hard work that goes into creating an awesome family photo with an uncooperative kitty. (For more of that, see my Three Times Twelve posts).

Credits: Tinsel Town collection by Mandy King

*I am a Creative Team Member. This means that I receive free products in exchange for making and advertising layouts for designers. However, the opinions expressed here are my own. The enthusiasm expressed here is definitely my own. See more of my CT layouts here.

New goodies from GingerScraps designers!

Good Reads kit by Aprilisa Falling For You by Dagi's Temp-tations

I’m thoroughly enjoying my second week scrapping with the awesome GS designers! I snagged a new pack of Dagi’s templates (of course I did). And I got to scrap my first Christmas LO of the season! I’m ridiculously excited about that. I’m not rushing Thanksgiving… I’m just happy to invite glitter back into my scrappy world again.

So the story of this page is… kind of sappy. Sometimes I write lovey things to Jason but don’t show him. Then I find them in Evernote months later and think hmmm that would make a nice LO… Now you know my secret, I have a whole scrapbook of love letters I’m too embarrassed to send to my husband. Here’s one. And another. And a couple more. It’s kind of gross. But I just like him. A lot.

Journaling reads- I love how you… Hold my hand. Make me laugh so hard. Flirt with me at the grocery store. Hold open doors. Pretend to be a monster and chase me around the house. Get so enthusiastic about things. Chase sunsets with me. Share the joys and tears of life with me. Move me, and get me moving. Listen

Credits: Good Reads kit by Aprilisa
Falling For You by Dagi’s Temp-tations

christmas cookies web

My second LO isn’t quite so embarrassing. Also, Yay cookies! Also also note to self- try not to make all the cookies next month. It took like three months to get rid of all that cookie weight this winter!

Moving on…. Yay Christmas kits! And glittery snowflakes! This kit is a definite contender for  my holiday book this year. Yep that’s right folks, I’m going to try a December Daily type thing this year. Stay tuned.

Journaling reads- This year I decided to shake up my usual Christmas baking and try a couple of new recipes. Trisha Yearwood’s cranberry white chocolate chip cookies were a new favorite, but Alton Brown’s were pretty tasty too.

Credits: Christmas Countdown kit and journal cards by JB Studios
Falling For You templates by Dagi’s Temp-Tations

Weekend Ten: Fake fireplace, Bloons, and Christmas at City Place

Jason had a three day weekend, yay!

We spent Friday morning by the light of a roaring (fake) fire. Because it was 85 degrees outside. In December.


Then we went downtown to check out the Christmas tree made of sand.


And walked around downtown looking at the lights.

IMG_6247 IMG_6257 IMG_6259

My dad asked me last week if we decorated palm trees for Christmas. Of course we do!

IMG_6265 IMG_6269

After doing a little window shopping, we finished off the night at City Pizza for some tasty Stromboli and chocolate mousse cake. So delicious!

IMG_6280 IMG_6281

One last thing of note this weekend. Little Man got me hooked on Bloons TD5 this fall. It is not even funny how much time I’ve spent on this game. Jason and I have started playing co-op, and doing pretty well, I must say! We may or may not have stayed up until almost 4 in the morning playing one night this weekend.


Here are a few pics of the holidays at City Place from last year.

So that was our weekend. How was yours?

Layout: Christmas at our new House

A New Day cardstock and Vellum Alpha by Inspired by Dominic

A New Day cardstock and Vellum Alpha by Inspired by Dominic 

Ever since I read the Project Dig Deep ebook, I knew I wanted to make a few LO’s using the Project Life templates in new ways. I thought initially about doing a “Then and Now” type of page showing the progress we’ve made decorating our apartment. Then I saw December’s Little Things challenge at Scrapbook Bytes and decided to go in a slightly different direction.

I changed up one of the Becky Higgins templates to better suit my pictures. Most of the photos are instagrams that I enlarged to fit the spaces. The quality isn’t fantastic, but they get the message across. I’m going to put this in my Project Life album, so I wanted it to somewhat match my mostly grey backgrounds. Luckily the A New Day kit has a ton of great neutral papers. My favorite parts of the LO are the vellum numbers! Vellum is Everywhere right now, so I was excited to use them on my page to correspond with my numbered journaling.

This was a fun page to make, and it was cool to look through photos of Christmas Past. Some of my favorite LO’s are ones that show the passage of time.

Merry Christmas!


And our very last Three Times Twelve for 2012!

Curious about Three Times Twelve? It’s pretty simple. Sometime late last year I ran across this blog from Tara Whitney. She wanted to photograph her whole family, once a month, for a whole year. (Since then I’ve found a couple other people doing something similar, but she’s the one I got the original idea from). So I decided to do that for our little family. You can find my other Three Times Twelve posts here.