Simple Scrapper LO’s for January

2014-01-10 Tree down web

Welcome to 2015! Here are my pages inspired by January Simple Scrapper Premium membership materials.

The first tells the story of my Christmas tree procrastination. I know some people like taking them down early, but I like to extend the season as long as possible! Although this year we had Christmas in June too, so my need to keep it up an extra month might be tempered a bit. We’ll see…

Journaling reads- I like to keep the Christmas tree up longer than most people. It doesn’t happen every year, but ideally I like to keep it up until around my birthday in February. It sounds weird, but I like to stretch the season out as long as I can.

Holiday Traditions by Connie Prince
January 2015 template by Simple Scrapper (modified)
Inspired by a Story Starter from Simple Scrapper January 2011

2014-03-31 Coral Springs  web

My second page talks about how excited we were to move to Coral Springs. I love the journal card with the row of houses. I feel like the past few months have shown me over and over how much I have to be grateful for living here and being able to spend so much more time together.

Journaling reads- Moving from West Palm to Coral Springs was the opportunity for a fresh start. We were so excited to explore a new town. We loved our new apartment. We loved all the parks. Most of all we were excited to have more time together. No more two hour a day commute!

November 2014 Storyteller by Just Jaime
Inspired by a Story Starter from Simple Scrapper (Jan 2015)
February 2013 sketch by Simple Scrapper

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From our weekend

IMG_8363 IMG_8365 IMG_8376

Such a busy weekend! We’re having a blast exploring and getting to know our new neighborhood. Friday, we had a date night at Crocante, a bakery with the best coffee I’ve had so far in Coral Springs. We walked around the the outdoor mall, aptly called The Walk. It was a great evening for a stroll. We window shopped and enjoyed the cool air. They even had a live band. I was excited to see a Barnes & Noble there. I can see more dates on The Walk in our future.

IMG_8380 IMG_0835 IMG_0827 IMG_0818 DSC_0166 DSC_0151 DSC_0145 DSC_0141

Saturday morning there was a community event at Sandy Ridge Park. We saw lots of cool rescue animals, including two baby alligators, a surprisingly fast tortoise, a snake, an owl, and all kinds of critters. They were giving away free trees and plants so we took home a fern. (I’ve always wanted one!) The park is great and we can’t wait to take Little Man this summer.

Jason’s company picnic was Saturday afternoon. We didn’t stay as long as last year, but it was fun hanging out and eating cotton candy.


Sunday was rainy all day. We found a bistro table super cheap at Costco the day before, so we ate breakfast outside. It’s very nice to have an actual eating table (as opposed to the side table we’ve been using since our last place). One of the things we’ve talked about since we first looked at this complex was the idea of having an “outdoor living space” where we can eat and hang out. We did that some at our last apartment, but spiders were a constant threat. So far here we’ve been safe behind our screened in balcony. It’s been fun setting things up out there. We’re about 85% unpacked now, so it’s time to rearrange and get out those homey touches.


We braved the rain to do a little shopping and see Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I liked it a lot! It’s probably my second favorite of all the Marvel movies, under The Avengers.

We did a lot more and I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but that’s ok. I think this week it’s time to slow down the pace a little and enjoy being at home. (We always say that, and almost always never do it)

One final note… Congrats to my friend Melissa on her engagement this weekend!!!!!