Watching Real Housewives of OC reruns.
Reading Skinned again. Jason started it this week, so I’m rereading it.
Listening to Justin Timberlake’s new album free on iTunes.
Making many failed dishes. (I should not cook while sick).
Feeling congested.
Planning nothing really, trying to survive now atm.
Loving that he makes me laugh when I’m super cranky.
Blowing my nose constantly.
Missing the Pop Stuff podcast, but happy the hosts are going on to Stuff You Missed in History Class.
Craving chicken.


Super Duper happy and excited that the Veronica Mars Kickstarter has totally surpassed their goal! And in only one day!



Watching “Dead Body” shows. The Mentalist, CSI, and Elementary. Finished up this season of Top Chef.
Reading project Life blogs looking for inspiration.
Listening to back episodes of Paperclipping Roundtable
Making lots of blog posts (does that count?)
Feeling less stressed than I have all year.
Planning ways to decorate our bedroom.
Loving that Jason is getting home before it gets dark.
Going to the gym in the evening this week.
Keeping the grocery bill near $100 a week for over a month. (It was getting out of control).
Thinking of covering the entire house with double sided tape.
Learning new tricks in WireTap Studio.
Doing weights or Pilates every day this week.



Watching The Mentalist like it’s our job.
Reading The Raven Boys. I hit a streak of really good books lately. I’ve learned quite a bit about drug legalization, the Church of England, and medieval apothecaries. The one exception is a certain Barbara Michaels book. Really terrible.
Listening to Muse.
Making Squash and Feta.
Feeling excited for our first Friday night out in like, forever.
Planning to work on some Project Life this weekend.
Loving not feeling like garbage for the first time in days.

Not much to say today. I think all of my limited creativity is taking a bit of a break. It’s mad at me for not following through on things the past couple of weeks. But I’m getting way better sleep without it pounding around in my brain all night, so that’s ok 🙂


Watching CSI reruns and Top Chef
Reading Midwives (so good!)
Listening to podcasts, as always
Making all kinds of random food. Carrot puree, Homemade cheese crackers, and lots of soup and fish.
Feeling worried about the huge pile of cash we owe in taxes this year.
Planning some homey projects.
Loving this sudden nesting instinct to prune, purge, and organize my plants and spices.
Annoyed that between Jason being on call and the cat being psycho, it feels like we have a baby in the house interrupting our sleep every night.
Looking forward to sunrise on the beach and the Garlic Festival this weekend.


Watching Saturday Night Live reruns
Reading Insurgent, Deep Storm
Listening Breaking Dawn soundtrack, lots of podcasts
Making Morikami inserts for Project Life
Feeling Nervous
Planning for next week
Loving Jason’s white shirt a lot
Realizing when I’m stress eating Sprite and Hoho’s like they’re going out of style, it’s better to do a workout, even if I hadn’t planned one today
Remembering why I gave up soda. It makes me feel blech
Needing to do some cleaning
Looking forward to chatting with Stacey Julian at BPC tonight
Hating banks and how they like to randomly purge me from their system
Excited about the Wellington kit
Rediscovering some templates I made months ago


Watching– cooking shows (Sweet Genius is insane), NCIS, YouTube
Reading– People
Listening– Divergent, podcasts
Making– smoothies and homemade spaghetti sauce
Feeling– sore
Planning– blog posts and workouts
Loving– new nail polish, fingernails and toes that match

written 1.18.13


I really like Kristin’s new Currently cards. Great for Project Life. I’m trying to think of ways to incorporate my handwriting into my digital PL this year, so these could definitely help with that.

So here are my Currents:
Watching- Top Chef, Big Bang Theory, just caught up with Elementary
Reading- WebMD, Real Simple, a whole lot of blogs
Listening- back episodes of Paperclipping Roundtable
Making- LO’s for challenges and CT assignments
Feeling- anxious
Planning- menus
Loving- working out as a stress relief… pretzels and Nutella as an additional stress relief

And a few others I’ll throw in just because…
Super annoyed by the complete lack of journalistic integrity CBS is showing right now.
Excited about all the new Project Life kits.
Wishing they would add a paypal option to the AC Digitals store so I can actually buy some of them someday.
Hearing the dog downstairs barking… barking… barking.
Remembering why I like cats.
Trying to be brave. And strong.
Thinking it’s going to be a long two weeks.
Looking forward to Oshogatsu this weekend.

Posting might be a little sparse for the next few weeks. Hopefully things will be back to normal around the middle of February. I’ll be around, always on instagram, sometimes on Twitter.


Needing to clear off my hot mess of a desk.

Listening to all of my soundtracks in iTunes on shuffle and finding some old favorites again.

Looking forward to a Ladies Night Out.

Hoping for a restful weekend for Jason. He really needs it.

Impatiently waiting on a call that will help us plan New Year’s.

Realizing Christmas is just around the corner and I need to really think about presents.

Happy that all my Christmas cards are mailed.

Planning to decorate the tree this weekend.

Walking a mile a day every day until New Years.

Ready to work on some non-Project Life layouts.

Working through a few photo/journaling prompt lists this month.

Lighting Jason’s way home every night.

Chasing MK when she tries to escape out the door.

Laughing over comics the Little Man sent us this week.

Looking for a cable… always looking for a cable…

Catching up on Top Chef.

Reading the Widows Club.

Enjoying the beautiful weather.

Thinking over a conversation with my Dad.

Cursing shin splints.

Researching Paleo. (No, I’m not going there, but I do like to research different eating plans).

Banning spammers.

Anticipating the flood of Christmas cards that I know are filling up my mailbox… (Every year I have the same hope. Every year I get about 2 cards. Yet I still hope).


Thinking about breakfast

Feeling good about starting a fresh new day.

Hoping for a good diagnosis when we take the car in for a check up.

Struggling with someone who makes it a point to come around every 4-6 months and tell me what a horrible person I am.

Watching new fall TV shows and a few old favorites.

Listening to the fan whirring overhead and wondering how the heck I’m going to dust it this week. (We have high ceilings and I’ve been putting it off way too long).

Celebrating finishing my last Amelia Peabody book yesterday. I wanted to reread the series after the Little Man left. They make me smile.

Dreaming about fall weather and the holiday season.

Anticipating a couple more good swims before it cools down.

Mulling over ways to get more protein in our breakfasts.

Remembering I need to marinate those pork chops.

Pushing my new laptop to it’s limit.

Planning to finish up a summer photo book today. (or tomorrow).

Making a few more pages for end of month assignments.

Smelling new fall candles.

Loving this time of year.

Linking up with Ali Edwards.