Photo-less Scrapbooking

Sometimes you want to tell a story, but you don’t have photos to go with it. Don’t let that stop you from making a page. Those memories deserve to be documented too!

I’ve done a lot of “just journaling” pages in my time. Some are more successful than others. But I recently made a discovery that changed my thinking about photo=less pages, stacked papers! Okay I know, stacked papers are nothing new. But I never really paid much attention to them before. It seemed a bit like cheating, which is ridiculous because I use templates in 75% of my LO’s. Now that I’ve seen just how easy they are to work with, I think I will be doing more pages using stacked papers.

I used the prompt from this month’s All About Me Challenge at Gotta Pixel. I was in luck because I actually already had the journaling ready to go in Evernote. (I keep a long list of story and journaling ideas there. The original idea came from my Twelve class last year). I quickly looked through my collection of stacked papers, copy and pasted my journaling, and tweaked it a little to better suit the challenge. Then I added a title and viola! A scrapbook page in less than ten minutes, you can’t beat that!

A couple of notes to consider when using stacked papers-

Watch your placement. It’s kind of hard to see, but I had to use the eraser tool on the “1”. I wanted it to look like the number was tucked behind the leaves, not floating above them in space.

Adjust shadows as needed. My go-to shadow styles had to be tweaked quite a bit to get them to match the pre-shadowed stacked papers. Try to imagine where the light source is coming from and change your shadow setting for opacity, angle, and coloring if necessary.

15-25-35 web

Journaling reads-

When I was 15, I wanted to have a career in politics. I was starting to develop an intense interest in politics, but I didn’t want to be a politician. I wanted to be the next George Stepanopolous.

When I was 25, I wanted to be a nurse. I was fascinated with everything medical. I’d had a taste for hospital life and I wanted to be a nurse more than anything. I was taking a circuitous route, but I was determined.

Now at 35, I couldn’t imagine being in politics or nursing anymore. I’ve become so disheartened by both politics and medicine that I don’t want any part of those worlds anymore. I’m enjoying my brief time as a housewife and stay at home stepmom more than I ever dreamed I would..

I think in both of my former dream careers, I wanted to play a supporting role. I didn’t want to be the boss. I knew I would probably never get the recognition that I would’ve deserved, but I was ok with that. Now I’m in a completely different supporting position. But this time I do get to be the boss. And I get rewarded for my work every day with hugs and kisses and more praise than I ever received at a “real” job..

Let’s Go Fly A Kite Kit and Stacked Papers by Mandy King
(Mandy’s stacked papers are always made by CT member Rebecca)
Architect’s Daughter font

Scrapping about food

Today on the Document Workshop, we’re talking all about food!

It’s pretty obvious how much I love talking about food. That’s kind of the point of this blog, or at least one of them. Whether it’s recipes, what we’re having for dinner, or going to food festivals, much of our life revolves around food. So of course I had to join in on this challenge. It was almost more of a challenge to narrow down what I wanted to scrap!

I decided to do a page on our recent trip to the Garlic Festival in Delray.

Lucky 13 template by Mandy KingBless This Mess by Mandy King

Credits: Lucky 13 Templates and Bless This Mess kit by Mandy King. Photos edited in Instagram. The Blue Cabin font.

Thanks for looking 🙂

CT news and layouts

I have some cool news to share today! I’m going to be part of the Document Life Workshop   Creative Team! They have some great articles and projects over there, so go check them out. I’ll be posting projects there starting in March.

And here are a couple of CT layouts I’ve done recently.

“Meeting Melissa” was made for the All About Me challenge at Gotta Pixel this month. This has been on my “To Make” list forever, so I’m glad I was finally able to make this one about my sweet friend.

Meeting Melissa web

Power of Two Grab Bag by Mandy King…
Sense template by Jellebelleke…
Contrary Mary font

“Love” was made for the Faith Challenge last month at Scrapbook Bytes. I love this quote by Maya Angelou and the colors in the kit really went with the photo. I think it perplexes Jason when I do a LO where the photo and the journaling don’t “match”. But it’s fun for me to do sometimes. And I’ve already scrapped this photo from Oshugatsu in my Project Life, so I’m doubling up. But that’s fine with me too.

love web

Date Night by Inspired by Dominic…ht_bundle.html