“Green Cay Park” Using Old Man is Snoring by Mandy King

I love the colors in this kit! While this is a weather themed kit, you can use it for any kind of LO. It had an outdoorsy feel to me, so I used it to scrap our trip to Green Cay Park last summer. I wanted to talk about the Park itself, as opposed to that particular day, so I copied the journaling from the GreenCay website.
Old Man is Snoring by Mandy King January 2013 template by Connie Prince

Journaling reads- Green Cay Nature Center offers 1.5 miles of elevated boardwalk that takes you through 100 acres of constructed wetlands. You can see many varieties of wildlife and plants, even alligators!

Credits: Old Man is Snoring by Mandy King
January 2013 template by Connie Prince

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High Five for Friday

There was so much awesomeness this week!

1. Belated Father’s Day.  Super Hero Father’s Day was so much fun to put together. I’m actually sort of looking forward to doing something crafty for the 4th now. (Ignore the dirty bowl in the sink).

2. Swimming. Again. I actually hadn’t gone swimming for awhile, but we’ve already been three times since Little Man got here. We were all a little rusty at first, but we’re getting our groove back and even played some games in the pool. LM is also learning to snorkel.

3. Green Cay park. We went there last weekend and had a really fun time walking around checking out the wildlife. Even saw a couple of baby alligators!

4. The Boy’s Market. One of our favorite local Farmer’s Markets. It’s always really crowded, but so worth it. Fruits and veggies, cheese, baked goodies, and the Best onion bread and vegetable cream cheese. And all indoors so you’re not sweltering in the heat.

5. Jason and Jen keeping their s*** together with a child in the house. I’ve always been told by many people (including my mother) that nothing ruins a relationship like having children. And for the most part I believe them, lol. (Please feel free to chime in if you’re in an awesome relationship and have kids). And I know it’s only been two weeks, but it’s been really great having all of us in the house together. We are a good team. And sometimes we even get to have grown up conversations. And I know one night we’ll eventually get a full night’s sleep. Probably sometime in September.

Honorable mention this week goes to my new favorite skirt. Two things that I never thought I’d ever wear are horizontal stripes and maxi skirts. Because seriously this skirt makes me look as big as the side of a barn. But I. Do. Not. Care. I wear this thing Everywhere. It is so ridiculously comfortable.

Also Pro Tip: (Can you say that about things that aren’t tech related?) Don’t wear long skirts to the airport. They actually have a Skirt Alert. I got a Skirt Alert with No Cause, which meant I got pulled aside and patted down. And not just a friendly pat down, a serious Spread ‘Em kind of pat down. I won’t go into why I’m such an expert in pat downs, but trust me, that lady was thorough. And that’s the last time you’ll catch this girl in a maxi skirt at LAX.

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