Jamie Loves Pink!

Clearly I’m not talking about my sister Jamie, who loathes everything pink. Nope, I’m talking about Tiff’s (Inspired by Dominic) son Jamie. She made this kit to honor all those kids out there who don’t fit into little gender boxes. Boys can like pink too! (And girls don’t have to like pink at all, imagine that). I super love this kit and the message behind it. I think it’s easy for those of us who are into themed scrap kits to fall into certain stereotypes. It’s very refreshing to see a kit that really breaks out of that.

It was very hard for me to find pictures with anything pink to scrap. There is just not much pink in my world. I think I’ve had two pink shirts in my entire adult life. So I went in a different direction, inspired by the airplanes in the kit. I have a ton of pictures and stories involving airplanes!

Air Show web

Journaling reads- We went to our first air show in Titusville on March 15, 2008. It’s hard to believe it was five years ago! The boys ran around looking at the planes and posing for pictures. [Little Man] loved going down the huge slide they had set up. I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting to have a lot on fun on this trip. But it was a nice excuse to take my big white sun hat on the town. We settled in to watch the air show demonstrations. I prepared to nod off on my feet. Then I heard this roaring sound. Or felt it rather, in my whole body. It was the sound of an F-16. And it was awesome! I’ll never forget the sound (and feel) of it. Maybe air shows aren’t so boring after all 🙂

Credits: Jamie Loves Pink by Inspired By Dominic
Elements, Solid Papers, Pattern Papers, Messy Papers, Word Bits, and Alphabet

Since I’m on a Love themed LO kick lately, I did my second layout about how Jason and I sign off of texts. On the iPhone you can use shortcuts to fill in words or phrases when you text or write emails. So by typing ILY, it comes out as I love you love you love you with alll my heart. I know, sap city, right? 🙂

ILY web

Journaling reads- We always close every text conversation or email with this sentence. We’ve done so for as long as I can remember.

Credits: Jamie Loves Pink by Inspired By Dominic Elements, Solid Papers, Pattern Papers, Messy Papers, Word Bits, and Alphabet
Template by Little Green Frog

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“Me” using Girls Night Out by Inspired by Dominic

This one was for the Quote challenge at Scrapbook Bytes. Isn’t that quote the cutest? My only problem was that I had to narrow down the vast number of photos I have of myself looking ridiculous. There are So Many!

But I finally got it down to this one, taken at Macy’s on one of the infamous Ladies Nights. This is when I get together with a couple of my former coworkers and we run around City Place acting like goofballs. Sometimes this includes squeezing my big ole head into a tiny shark hat. Because that’s what everyone does on Ladies Night, right?

Girls Night Out by Inspired by DominicTemplate by Crisdam

Girls Night Out by Inspired by Dominic
Template by Crisdam

A few CT LO’s

I don’t know why, but I usually feel a lot more romantic in March than I do in February. I just cannot do enough LO’s about Love right now…

A Simple Love ellies and papers by Simple Girl Scraps

Journaling reads- We went to the bank the other day and the lady who took care of us said, “I remember you two. You’re so loving towards each other, always holding hands and touching each other”. It was embarassing and we both blushed. It’s weird when people remark on something that seems so natural to us. We just like each other, even after all these years.

Credits: A Simple Love ellies and papers by Simple Girl Scraps

What are you thinking? web

For this one, I just wanted something pretty. I’d seen the ribbon/ paper strip heart on a paper scrapper’s LO last week and it stuck in my brain. I knew I could do it digitally, so I tried a couple of ways, and this is what stuck. I had the thought of doing regular journaling, but nothing quite felt right, so I made a text layer, copied and pasted it a bunch of times, then lowered the opacity. I think it looks pretty. The journaling is a snippet of a conversation we have several times a day, every day.

Credits: Chocoholic Collab by Inspired by Dominic and Creative Visions

I have to say, this kit is super yummy. And it can be used for a lot more than Chocolate LO’s.

But you know I had to do one of those too!

History of Chocolate web

I think I’m developing a love affair with ribbons. Can you tell?

“Following in Daddy’s Footsteps” using Pinstriped by Inspired by Dominic

Here are two LO’s that I made using Tiff’s Pinstripe Collection. I can’t even tell you how inspired I was by this kit, especially the colors. Both of these stories have been on my “To Scrap” list for a long time.

First up is “Following in Daddy’s Footsteps”. This was a really special story for Jason and I’m so glad I finally scrapped it. The layout design was inspired by this page by Stephanie Howell.

Following in daddy's footsteps web

Journaling reads- In 1977, a very young Jason put his footprints in wet cement at a house in West Virginia. In 2009, [Little Man] visited that house, now belonging to his Grandma Z. It was so special for Jason to see his son standing in the same footprints he made as a child.

(And now that I write that, I realize the date is wrong. This happened in 2010).

Credits: Pinstripe Papers 1 and 2, Pinstriped Wordbits, Pinstriped Elements, Pinstriped Journaling Bits, Pinstriped Mats available here.

The second page, “Favorite Shirt”, was inspired by the Impromptu Challenge at Scrapbook Bytes. The directions were to scrap a favorite piece of clothing using colors/ patterns similar to those in the clothes. I immediately thought of my favorite shirt that the Little Man wears. And it just so happens that the colors in the Pinstripe collection go perfectly.

Favorite Shirt web

Journaling reads- This is my favorite shirt that [Little Man] wears. I love the color and it looks great in pictures, especially when there is greenery involved.. I make sure to ask his mom to pack it every summer when he comes to visit. I’ll be so sad when he grows out of it! March 2013

Credits- Pinstriped Elements, Pinstriped Papers 1, Pinstriped Journaling Mats, Pinstriped Alpha, Pinstriped Mats

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Layout: Christmas at our new House

A New Day cardstock and Vellum Alpha by Inspired by Dominic

A New Day cardstock and Vellum Alpha by Inspired by Dominic 

Ever since I read the Project Dig Deep ebook, I knew I wanted to make a few LO’s using the Project Life templates in new ways. I thought initially about doing a “Then and Now” type of page showing the progress we’ve made decorating our apartment. Then I saw December’s Little Things challenge at Scrapbook Bytes and decided to go in a slightly different direction.

I changed up one of the Becky Higgins templates to better suit my pictures. Most of the photos are instagrams that I enlarged to fit the spaces. The quality isn’t fantastic, but they get the message across. I’m going to put this in my Project Life album, so I wanted it to somewhat match my mostly grey backgrounds. Luckily the A New Day kit has a ton of great neutral papers. My favorite parts of the LO are the vellum numbers! Vellum is Everywhere right now, so I was excited to use them on my page to correspond with my numbered journaling.

This was a fun page to make, and it was cool to look through photos of Christmas Past. Some of my favorite LO’s are ones that show the passage of time.

CT news and layouts

I have some cool news to share today! I’m going to be part of the Document Life Workshop   Creative Team! They have some great articles and projects over there, so go check them out. I’ll be posting projects there starting in March.

And here are a couple of CT layouts I’ve done recently.

“Meeting Melissa” was made for the All About Me challenge at Gotta Pixel this month. This has been on my “To Make” list forever, so I’m glad I was finally able to make this one about my sweet friend.

Meeting Melissa web

Power of Two Grab Bag by Mandy King www.gottapixel.net/store/product.php?productid=43779&…
Sense template by Jellebelleke www.gottapixel.net/store/product.php?productid=43408&…
Contrary Mary font

“Love” was made for the Faith Challenge last month at Scrapbook Bytes. I love this quote by Maya Angelou and the colors in the kit really went with the photo. I think it perplexes Jason when I do a LO where the photo and the journaling don’t “match”. But it’s fun for me to do sometimes. And I’ve already scrapped this photo from Oshugatsu in my Project Life, so I’m doubling up. But that’s fine with me too.

love web

Date Night by Inspired by Dominichttp://scrapbookbytes.com/store/digi…ht_bundle.html

A few layouts…

Okay, this is a real mixed bag of layouts. So be prepared for Christmas, vintage, big emo pages, a trip to the fire station, and our friendly neighborhood prostitute. Just sayin’.

First, a couple of CT LO’s

Night Before Christmas web

Dark Holidays kit by Inspired by Dominic
Card template by Danimoy
Tiffany Dotted font

And another one with one of Tiff’s kits


A New Day Bundle by Inspired By Dominic

And I did a couple of LO’s just for fun! I haven’t done that in months, I think.

License to Wed web

Project 2012 January by Connie Prince
Project 2012 November date tags by Connie Prince
New Beginning template by Jellebelleke
Contrary Mary font


525600 Minutes kit by Connie Prince
Contrary Mary font

New Beginnings web

Life Ain’t Always Beautiful kit by Connie Prince
Facebook freebie template by Seatrout Scraps

And my very first Art Journaling page. Light on the art, heavy on the journaling 😛

I want web

A New Day Cardstocks and brushes by Inspired by Dominic
Travelling Typewriter font

Annnnd one more…..
Navy Fire Station web

Project 2012 January kit and January Mega Alpha
Project 2012 December Templates by Connie Prince
Traveling Typewriter font

CT Layout- What Today Looks Like

I was super excited to see Tiff’s new products this week. They all immediately went into my wish list. Then I was assigned to CT her this month so I didn’t have any excuses not to use these cool new papers and brushes.

And fonts! I love that SDD has a font designer now. Woohoo!

And here’s my LO using all theses goodies. You know I love any kit that helps in my list obsession.

Make A List Papers http://www.scrappity-doo-dah.com/sto…amp;amp;page=1
Make A list Highlights http://www.scrappity-doo-dah.com/sto…amp;amp;page=1
Make A List Brushes http://www.scrappity-doo-dah.com/sto…amp;amp;page=1
Tiffany Writing font http://www.scrappity-doo-dah.com/sto…amp;amp;page=1
All by Inspired by Dominic

Thanks for looking!

*I am a Creative Team Member for Scrappity Doo Dah. This means that I receive free products in exchange for making and advertising layouts for designers. However, the opinions expressed here are my own. The enthusiasm expressed here is definitely my own. See more of my CT layouts here.