From the Vault- Hello New Orleans

June 2014 Storyteller by Just Jaimee

I’m currently recovering from The Plague, so I’m giving my addled brain a rest this week and sharing some more pages from my Projects folder.

An 8.5×11 page I made last month. This will be the cover page for my Louisiana scrapbook. Which currently has two pages. We’ll be heading back up there this fall, so I’m hoping to make a bunch of pages from our trip from 2009 (blogged here and here).

Inspired by- An assignment in the Inspired Scrapbooking class to use lots of pictures and one word. (The opposite of this assignment). Designed using a Page Maps sketch.

Credits- June 2014 Storyteller by Just Jaimee

Library of Memories album- Places: Louisiana

Places + My Details- Downtown Nashville

January 2014 Storyteller (alpha) June 2014 Storyteller (cloud) by Just Jaimee

This page is a great example of “curating a story”. I’ve had it percolating in my head for months.

The photo was taken in February when we went up to Nashville for Jon’s memorial service. It has already been featured in that week’s Project Life pages.

The journaling was written for a prompt for the My Details class in April. I was still unpacking the house and not scrapping, but I did a lot of writing for possible future pages during that time.

The design is a direct scrap lift of a page I made in May. I knew I’d be making more simple pages like that again.

The page came together in July, following the “one photo, many words” prompt from my Inspired Scrapbooking class.

I love how inspiration can come from several different directions and combine into something really special.

Journaling reads- Crossing the bridge and seeing the skyline was always one of my very favorite things. It was the transition place between my parents’ houses, and a few years later, between work and home. I would feel a sense of excitement, but of calm as well. Of belonging to a city that was thriving and busy, but familiar and homey at the same time. It did my angst-y teenage heart good to see that skyline, to cross that river. It was where I belonged, where I thought I would always be.

Another Nashville Love page from a year ago.

Places- His Commute

Now that the busy half of our year is finished (we think), I want to catch up on some of the classes I’ve been hoarding so far this year. Because I love them, and it helps me justify buying more classes right?

One of the year-long classes I’m taking is Stacey Julian’s Inspired Scrapbooking class. It’s like a slimmed down version of the Twelve class I took back in 2012. Twelve totally revolutionized the way I scrapbook and I’ve been using Stacey’s way of gathering inspiration for stories ever since, but I haven’t actually done any of the assignments for Inspired Scrapbooking yet.

As I was listening to July’s video message from Stacey earlier this month, I opened up a file in Evernote and started writing. I came up with ideas for six pages and one blog post that I wanted to do for the Places topic. I hope to share those throughout the rest of July.

commute web

Here’s my first page inspired by a Place. It doesn’t fit in exactly with the class prompts, but I’m totally ok with that. It describes Jason’s commute, and how glad I am that it’s finally over.

Journaling reads-  When Jason changed jobs, his commute went from 10-15 minutes to well over an hour. The trip from West Palm to Coral Springs was rough, and he made it two years. Sometimes that would mean he’d be out of the house for over 12 hours a day, between working overtime + the commute. I hated that he had to drive so much on the highway. I would worry So Much every morning until he would text me from work, and every evening until he would arrive safely home. I’m so glad that commute is a thing of the past!

Credits: Are We There Yet collab by Just Jaimee and Mommyish