December Daily, part one

We’re already halfway through the month, so I guess it’s about time I shared some DD pages, huh? I’ll start with some November pages. My cover and basic plan can be found here.

Forever Joy Basic Holidays papers WA by Ali Edwards

I wasn’t going to do an intro page, I always feel awkward doing those because it’s hard finding words. Then I started talking about DD on the GingerScraps forum and the words just came to me. I used Ali’s free word art for the title.

Christmas Countdown by JB Studio

The next page is from a Shimmelle JYC prompt. My holiday manifesto took the form of a to-do list this year that I made in the middle of November. And I’m super happy that I’ve already crossed a lot of those items off.

Christmas Countdown by JB Studio

Now onto our Louisiana pages! We went up to LA to visit Jason’s dad and brother for Thanksgiving. We haven’t been there for a few years, so we were really looking forward to it! (Posts recapping that trip are here and here). I didn’t want to overwhelm my holiday book with a hundred pictures from our trip, so I limited myself to one page per day. The first page is from the trip up.

Christmas Countdown by JB Studio

I wanted to use pictures with holiday decorations in this book, and as soon as we stepped off the trolley, I knew this would be my photo for Monday.

Christmas Countdown by JB Studio

I took a lot of photos of the Cathedral, planning to use one of those for Tuesday. Then I found this one that Jason’s dad caught and it became one of my favorites for the whole trip.

Christmas Countdown by JB Studio

On Wednesday we went to our very first wine tasting at the vineyard where Jason’s dad volunteers. It was a lot of fun, and Jason wasn’t nearly as pissed off as he looks here. 😛

DD1127a web

And Thanksgiving! I’ll do a page for that in my Seasons and Holidays scrapbook, so I kept it simple here.

Christmas Countdown by JB Studio

Another very simple page for our trip home on Friday. We stopped in Panama City Beach, and it was one of my favorite things all year.

Christmas Countdown by JB Studio

I used a 30 Days of Lists prompt for Saturday. We didn’t do much that day except rest and do laundry, so I wrote about what little lushes we were.

Christmas Countdown by JB Studio


And then, November came to a close. Poor Jason was back at work and I got my new GS praise team avi.

Supplies used- Christmas Countdown by JB Studio, Forever Joy Holiday Basics papers, Ali Edwards WA Fonts- Avenir, Chunk Five, CK Ali’s Hand

Thanks for stopping by! I’ll be sharing more pages in a few days.

Journal Your Christmas- The Legendary Broccoli Casserole

If you ask anyone in my family, they would tell you that my “signature dish” is Broccoli Casserole. I will get a phone call from at least one person each year wanting a recipe refresher. “What kind of cheese?”…

The funny thing is, since I’ve gotten married I never make broccoli casserole anymore! My “signature dish” is alive and well- just not in my house. (I now use this recipe).

This was one of the very first recipes I ever made. No one taught me how to cook, so once I was a grown-up and deciding for myself what to have for dinner, I decided I needed to get beyond fish sticks and ramen noodles. I started picking up those little cookbooks you get at the checkout lane. I actually still have them and it’s fun to look back at the food we ate in the late 90’s… everything was a casserole!  I’m sure my broccoli casserole came out of one of these books.

I remember being quite surprised that my tiny sister would actually eat it, although considering the amount of cheese in there, it really masks any vegetable flavor. But I was very proud of myself for coming up with such a “balanced” meal.

I started bringing it to holiday dinners. Even the people who hated broccoli loved my casserole. It was assumed that I would bring The Casserole to every Thanksgiving dinner until the end of time.

Then I up and got married and moved away. It was quite a shock to all of us. But even worse than my absence was the absence of The Casserole. That’s when the phone calls started…

So I come here today to offer up the recipe for my famous Broccoli Casserole. Now my relatives will be able to find it anytime they want. (You can still call me though!)

Broccoli, Chicken, and Cheese Casserole

1 bag frozen broccoli, or 1 head divided into florets
1 can of Cream of Something soup (chicken, mushroom, etc., whatever floats your boat)
1 can chicken, well drained
1 bag shredded mozzarella
1 bag shredded cheddar
1 bag Colby (sometimes it only comes in block form)

Steam or boil broccoli until tender. (It’s done when your kitchen starts smelling like a school cafeteria). Drain very well. Combine all ingredients and heat on 350 for 25-30 minutes. Or if you’re pressed for time, microwave the whole thing for about 10 minutes.

I’d post a picture, but like I said, I haven’t actually made it in years. Now I kind of want to though. Maybe Christmas dinner….

Journal Your Christmas- Holiday Manifesto

So I’m working on three ways this year to document the holidays. Because I’m a crazy person. I’ve already talked about my 30 Days of Lists, which I’ve done several times so that should be cake. I’m also revisiting last year’s Document Life Workshop prompts. Both of those are super simple and do-able. The new thing I’m trying this year is Shimelle’s Journal Your Christmas. I figure with all of these, this season will be more than well documented.

This is important for me because I find it pretty hard to get into the Christmas spirit. I miss my family a lot this time of year. And south Florida just doesn’t seem very Christmas-y to me.

But I have found that by making the effort to embrace the holidays and make memories I end up having a much better time with it all. Jason and I have started many traditions that I love and look forward to each year. And it’s kind of fun to find uniquely “Florida” things to do during the holidays, like go to the beach and watch the sun rise Christmas morning. Next year will for sure look very different for us, so I want to be sure to remember this time.

So without further ado…..

2013 Holiday Manifesto
Here’s to the holidays
To showing people how much I love them, not just thinking about it
To drinking eggnog and peppermint mochas
To giving back
To making things together
To taking lots of pictures
To enjoying our last Christmas in West Palm
To making plans, but not overthinking
To savoring the quiet moments together

*Idea taken from this post.

The photography prompt is First Signs.


I took this picture Monday using the PicTapGo and Bokehful apps. This is the first time I’ve ever played with bokeh. Even though it’s totally fake, I like it. I do eventually want to learn how to do that with my big camera.

Every year I take lots of pictures of Miss Kitty under the tree. It’s her favorite spot during the holidays, though I’m sure she’s still cranky about us tossing her favorite tree skirt. (It was pretty disgusting and torn up though). She likes to curl up under there every day. We’re very lucky that she’s not a Christmas tree climber. She’ll take the occasional swipe at a low hanging ornament, but otherwise she’s pretty mellow about the whole thing.