December Daily 2015, part one

Hey little blog, long time no see 🙂

It’s December Daily/Journal Your Christmas/ Holiday Listing time again! I have to say, I think this is the most relaxed I’ve ever felt about Holiday scrapping. Except maybe that first year when I didn’t know anything about Holiday Projects *cue sinister music*, and I was just rolling along making pages with no rhyme or reason.

I think a couple of things have added to my sense of calm this time around.

1). I’m doing something very similar to last year, so I’m combining a few projects but only doing the parts that inspire me at that time.

2). I’m making holiday pages that will go into my regular 2015 album, as opposed to a separate project. I have realized that instead of inspiring me, separate projects like mini books actually stress me out and drive me crazy. That only took like, five years to learn. I think they are beautiful and amazing when other people do them, they just don’t work for me right now.

3). I’m using one set of supplies, the December Buffet from Gingerscraps. I am not the biggest fan of pink, unless it’s for a specific purpose like a race, or to make a big statement. But this year’s color scheme has really grown on me. I’ve also made my own set of templates, which I’ll talk about in another post if anyone’s interested.

So my first page, we’ll call it Day Zero, is a sort of intentions/ manifesto page. Neither of those words felt right for my journaling, so I just called it “This Christmas”. And now every time I see it I think of the song. Which isn’t a bad thing because I love that song. The journaling is taken from a JYC prompt.

Speaking of journaling, I have one more thing to say before I show you the darn page already. All year long I’ve been keeping a “2015 Stories to Tell” file in Evernote. I’ve kept lists of LO’s I wanted to make for years, but something shifted this year. Maybe it was just the change in wording from “Layouts to Make” to “Stories to Tell”. Maybe it was that I stopped blogging for most of the year so I needed another writing outlet. Whatever it was, something changed, and now I’m writing almost daily, in addition to taking photos. It has become a habit. So I’m not worried at all about finishing my holiday pages this month. I’m actually 100% sure that I won’t. But I’m totally okay with that. As my friend Megan always says, “Document now, make later”.

Journaling reads- Hello December This year will be a very different holiday season for us. We will have Charles on Christmas for the first time in our ten year marriage. I could not be more psyched! I have this driving urge to make everything “perfect” because lord knows if we’ll ever get this opportunity again. On top of that, Jason’s dad will be visiting, and we’ll be celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary! I want to throw myself into this season wholeheartedly, and try to keep sadness and bitterness at bay as much as possible. I want to embrace it all, the sights, smells, tastes, and most of all, the feeling of having family here for the holidays. I’m sure it will be a bit of a roller coaster, and it will never be “perfect”, but it will be “ours”. And that’s what matters the most.

Most Wonderful Time ellies by Key Lime Pie Design
North Pole Candy Shoppe by Trixie Scraps
Gingerbread alpha by Aprilisa

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