Best Weekend

Last weekend we got a small respite from Jason’s insane work schedule. We made the most of the downtime and had a really fun relaxing weekend. It was almost like a vacation!

He was able to leave early from work on Friday, so we went ahead and did grocery shopping to get that out of the way. We also stopped at Rorabeck’s to get our produce fix.


We ate Checkers for the 3rd time that week. (Go ahead and judge me, I’ll wait}


We took some super sexy pictures.


And Jason fell asleep on the couch before 9 o’clock. This is a running theme lately. Work is physically and mentally exhausting right now.

Saturday we lazed around the house until mid-afternoon. We decided to be grownups and leave the house for something besides groceries *gasp*. We headed out to one of our favorites, downtown Lake Worth.


Not sure why someone was dissatisfied with Coastline Realty…

We walked up and down the main street, window shopping at all the little shops and debating where to eat. We decided on Havana Hideout. It’s a cute little outdoor restaurant. They have sand, palm trees, and umbrellas, so you can pretend you’re relaxing at a little beachside restaurant, only you’re in the middle of town.


HH has been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives too! We’ve eaten there before, but it’s been a few years. I was a little disappointed that they’ve taken the cayenne pepper ice cream off the menu. (I love weird ice cream).


We decided to just get appetizers and drinks. We split an order of Fish Dip, and I had my first Mexican Coke! (I couldn’t taste a difference between that and regular Coke, but I’m no connoisseur). It was such a delicious meal, and fit perfectly with our vacation weekend vibe.



Next, we went to Kilwin’s, an ice cream/ candy shop. It was cool seeing where they made fresh fudge. We got Salted Caramel (me) and Chocolate Raspberry (Jason). And some fudge to take home, of course. Soooo tasty!

IMG_4362 IMG_4363

Sunday morning we had an early swim. It was great to have the pool all to ourselves! And oh boy, am I out of shape. I need to get my swim on more often for sure!


That afternoon, Jason needed to work for a few hours, and I needed to deal with all the produce we’d bought on Friday. I washed, chopped, and stored almost everything in containers.


I also made an epic taco dinner. So good that I couldn’t think about anything else. Jason was talking about work when I rudely interrupted, “I think this is one of the best meals I’ve made all year!”. He laughed and said “Okay Kanye ‘I’ma let you finish. But I have to say these tacos are the best meal of the year!'”. hahahaha!

IMG_4374 IMG_4375 IMG_4377

And that was our weekend. One of my very favorites 🙂