#30Lists Day 6

list 6


Overcomplicating things.
Diffusing family drama.
Slinging medical supplies.
Making lists.
Organizing things.
Doing laundry.
Building other people up.
*insert inappropriate remark here*
Remembering useless information.
Forgetting useful information.
Coming up with coping mechanisms/ Plan B’s.

#30Lists Project Life pages 1 and 2

The last time I did 30 Days of Lists, I had every intention of adding them into my Project Life book. That didn’t happen, but I did blog them so I can always go back and do it later. This time around I really want to DO something with them. As soon as I saw the way Megan is doing hers, I knew that was how I wanted to do mine as well.

I have a tendency to overcomplicate things, so using the Design J templates forces me to simplify. I’ve never used this template before, so I was happy to see that it shrinks down to 8×5. That’s the size I like to do my inserts so I’m sure I’ll be using this one often.

30Lists 1-2 web30Lists 3 web

Template J by Becky Higgins Lucky Me by Simple Girl Scraps 30 Days of Lists cards by Rukirsten Papercrafts and Allie Turnpower Fonts- Bebas, Architect’s Daughter, and Mom’s Typewriter

Fall Manifesto

Have I mentioned that I love fall? Oh yeah maybe I did. Like 20 times. 🙂

Anyway I thought it would be fun to make a Fall Manifesto like I did this summer. And to include Jason in on it too. So here’s what we came up with.

I think we got a little overly ambitious. (and we could have kept going and going…) But who knows? We could do all that stuff. We’ll have fun trying!

In case you can’t get past my bad handwriting/ bad photography, here’s the list.

  • Green Market
  • Coffee Date
  • Lake Worth (for Halloween)
  • Bedner’s again (hopefully I can stay on my feet this time)
  • Christmas tree lighting (mid-November, so still technically fall)
  • One last swim (or more)
  • Sunrise on the beach
  • Busch Gardens or a trip to the Keys (or any kind of road trip really)
  • Lake Okeechobee
  • Camping
  • Everglades
  • Something NASA related

Goals, plans, etc.

I had big plans for this month… I had my whole month in blogging/ scrapping/ decorating/ and making stuff all planned out in iCal. I was ready to go. Then I hurt my knee and I had to shift things around a little. But that’s okay. That’s the beauty of plans, they can be changed.

For my second list on 30 Days of Lists, I made this list of goals for September. Here’s how that went.

  1. Take positive steps towards finding a part time job. I applied for a few more jobs and haven’t heard anything. Which that’s kind of a moot point right now with my knee. So this one is put on hold for now.
  2. Blog about all the adventures we had this summer with the Little Man. This did not get done. Will work on it this month. Anything that I don’t get done this month will just not get done. I will move on.
  3. Continue keeping up with my CT and mod duties at SDD. I ran a little behind with my CT stuff, but considering my promotion, I think I did ok,
  4. Decorate for Halloween. I did get a little decorating done, but I want to do a few more things.
  5. Start a new series with Jason, or finish an old one. I totally forgot about this one. We have been watching a ton of Big Bang Theory this month though.
  6. Blog at least 5 recipes. Wow I actually did this one!
  7. Do a video for my Twelve class (or at least do a post) Twelve for August
  8. Make something with puff pastry (this has seriously been one of my goals since 2004 and I haven’t done it yet). Yes! Puff Pastry Pizza (not really phyllo like I thought)
  9. Make something not related to food. Nope
  10. Get through September relatively unscathed. I only wrote this one because my family has a “thing” about September. We have since the 70’s. We can’t even say the word September without a certain something in our voices. I’m not terribly superstitious, but I will no longer make flippant remarks about September. September knocked me on my ass, literally.

On to October!

This month I want to-

  1. Go on a coffee date with Jason.
  2. Get off crutches
  3. Catch up with Project Life
  4. Send the Little Man a Halloween box.
  5. Finish blogging summer stuff
  6. Go back to the pumpkin patch and try not to hurt myself this time.

And I’m going to stop there. I think that’s plenty.

30 Days of Lists- Day 30 (Last day!)

Lists to make-

  1. Next books to read
  2. Next months’s posts
  3. New cleaning zone lists
  4. Christmas presents
  5. Decorating projects
  6. Things to buy for the house
  7. Next week’s menu
  8. Update 52 in 52
  9. Appointments and calls
  10. Things to put in LM’s October box
  11. Wish list
  12. Goals for the month
  13. Hashtags

Good lord, I have a list of lists… I have a problem…. 😛

I can’t believe it’s my last list! This has been a lot of fun and I’ll definitely be doing it again next time!

Oh and one more list….

Observations after doing 30 Days of Lists

  1. I am not alone in my list obsession
  2. I like it better when I have lists ready to post ahead of time
  3. When that doesn’t happen, it’s not the end of the world
  4. I like not having the pressure to “do something” with my lists, though I get a lot of inspiration seeing what others have done with their lists.
  5. I want to go back to the 30 Lists blog and look around more
  6. I want to be more social next time.
  7. I see a few pages/ projects in my future based on these lists.

Lists made 9.25.12

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30 Days of Lists- Day 28

Little joys in my life-

  • Time for quiet and solitude.
  • Reading.
  • Having everything laid out the night before so I don’t have to rush in the morning.
  • Curling up on the couch.
  • Hearing the people I love laugh
  • Marking things off my To-Do’s
  • Holding hands
  • Spacing out while watching BBT
  • Squishy kitty faces
  • Walks
  • Taking pictures
  • Cooking a good meal
  • Having someone else cook me a good meal

I really like this one. I think I want to repeat it once a season.

List made 9.25.12

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30 Days of Lists- Day 26

Trends I cannot stand-
Skinny jeans. They are only flattering on about 10% of the population. The rest of us should steer clear. We will all live to regret this trend, mark my words….
Colored pants- see above
The overuse of chevron. I really like chevron, but do we really need to plaster everything that will sit still in chevron?
Patent infringement lawsuits
Mustaches (fake or otherwise)
Big 80’s frames for glasses
Candidates on both sides spewing hate instead of facts
The term “Obamacare”, or anything that puts a candidate’s name in a word or phrase like that.

Now I feel kind of bad for writing all that. Usually Jason is the only one who sees this incredibly bitchy, judgmental side of my personality. I should say that with the exception of the political ones, these trends only annoy me.  They’re fine for other people. If you want to go around in yellow chevron printed skinny jeans, big glasses, and a mustache, more power to you! Just don’t bring up Apple v. Samsung or Obamacare, because you’ll get an earful 😛

List made 9.25.12

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30 Days of Lists- Days 23-25

Current favorites
Anything grey
Thinking about decorating with Maps, Text or Stripes
Salty Caramel frappuccinos
My new laptop
Couch snuggling
Talks with my sister

Yesterday was-
Filled with at least four of my Current Favorites above.
A bit scary with wildlife entering my house
A pretty typical Monday

Places I’ve lived- (short list)
W. Palm

List made 9.25.12

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30 Days of Lists- Day 22

Favorite photos of myself

For this one I looked in Faces in iPhoto and just pulled some of my favorites. I found it hard to find favorites of pics with just me, most of my favorites include my favorite people. And I’m usually laughing or just about to.

This was fun.

Tiny Jen with cute flipped out hair.

Before my wedding… red faced laughing like an idiot, a common look for me

Our first family picture together.

Random Valentine’s Day photo.

One of my favorite pictures of me and Jason

Garlic ice cream for my birthday this year.

I have about a hundred favorite pictures of me and Jason, or of us as a family. I might do other posts with those. 🙂

List made 9.25.12

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30 Days of Lists- Days 20 and 21

Fictional Friends-
Amelia Peabody
Vicky Bliss and Schmidt
Hermione Granger
Mrs. Polifax
Myron Bolitar and of course Win

Everything I bought this week (Really everything Jason bought)
Macbook Pro, HD, and plug for my monitor
Rice cooker
Digital kit

it was a big buying week for us.

Lists made 9.21.12

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