Oshogatsu 2013: Year of the Snake

Last weekend was the Japanese New Year, Oshogatsu. We always spend it at the Morikami Museum and Gardens. No, we’re clearly not Asian. But I really like the kind of New Year where you walk around a pretty garden, hear cool music, and eat tasty soba.

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Love this place. So many good memories here.

And where else can you get a kimono for your beer??? Kiran in Kimono was so adorable, he might get his own post.

Cool story about those balls. (That’s what she said). They’re called mochi ice cream balls. Mochi is a kind of dough made from pounding rice until it has the consistency of bread dough. We watched them make it a few years ago and got to try some plain mochi. It was not the tastiest thing ever. But sweeten it up and wrap it around ice cream and it’s awesome! It came in a bunch of different flavors, traditional chocolate and strawberry, plus fruity kinds too. Very unique and we’ll definitely have that next time.

Happy Year of the Snake!

You can see our last visit to the Morikami here.

High Five for Friday is back!

I missed you, H54F.

1. NFL Bad Lip Reading. Damn you Molly Wood. One night this week I was all set to go to bed at a decent hour, but noooo. You had to tweet about NFL Bad Lip Reading. Which led us down the rabbit hole of all the Bad Lip Readings. An hour and a half later…

2. Halfway there. I mentioned in my goals post that I want to walk 40 miles this month and do 12 (small) strength training workouts. Still working through that, but doing well despite an uncooperative knee. Already thinking of what I want to add in next month.


3. Squash and smoothies. I’ve eaten something with summer squash or zucchini four times this week and I could keep going. Smoothies still aren’t my favorite, but I’m experimenting with green ones.


4. Picture of the Little Man’s new hair cut.


5. Oshogatsu at the Morikami was last weekend. It was awesome, as always.