First Snow using Snuggle Season by Mandy King

I get a little bummed when my designers come out with gorgeous winter kits and I have nothing to scrap with them. But not this year. I actually have snow pictures!

Here’s a page I made with pics from our trip in November. (I’m going to try and link up memories to LO’s I make on that post).

Snuggle Season by Mandy King

Journaling reads- We were so excited when we left the Pittsburg airport and saw there was snow on the ground! It had been years since either of us had seen snow. Seven years for me, and over twenty for Jason! It was so much fun running around in that little patch of snow. And I got to kiss my hiusband in the snow for the very first time, which was awesome!

Snuggle Season by Mandy King and Mye de Leon

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I want to remember: West Virginia edition

Last weekend we travelled to WV for the wedding of Jason’s younger brother and his new wife. We had an amazing time, and it was so great meeting more of his family and adding pieces to the “Jason puzzle”. I’ll post pics as soon as I can get them together, but I wanted to get the words out first.

Some things I don’t want to forget…

Some of the best flights we’ve ever had. I have a much higher opinion of Southwest than I had previously. (although they have been some of the last to implement the new policy that allows electronic devices on takeoff and landing, which was disappointing).

Sitting at a restaurant in the Atlanta airport eating burgers and watching planes take off.

Seeing snow for the first time in almost eight years (over 20 years for Jason) and running around laughing like little kids.

Kissing my husband in the snow for the first time ever!

Getting totally stressed out in Pittsburg due to unexpected tolls, and the city’s complete inability to make change for anything over $5.

Riding the tram to see the gorgeous view of the skyline and river.

Having coffee and a brownie to ward off the chill.

Staying at one of the best hotels so far in Morgantown.

Marveling over mountains like we do every time we visit.

Dinner at the Black Bear.

Feeling very grateful for fantastic weather- no new snow and not too cold, we came between cold snaps.

Seeing the ice scraper in the rental car and thinking it was a vacuum cleaner attachment.

Forgetting to pack Jason’s ties, so making a mad trip to Walmart to replace them, only to find out he was severely overdressed for the rehearsal dinner. (my fault, I “made” him wear a tie :P)

Searching for the perfect pepperoni rolls.

Trying on Furby hats.

Driving to the site of the rehearsal dinner and completely missing it the first time because we were distracted by the ice on the lake.

Being late to pretty much everything.

Jason’s cousin’s sons who were completely adorable and crazy rambunctious.

Seeing Jason with them and wishing for a moment that I could give him those experiences  with our own kids.

Finding that “snug” runs in the family.

Sitting across from the priest at two different dinners and literally biting my tongue for fear of curse words spontaneously erupting from my mouth for no reason. (People in my life know how much of a potty mouth I have in everyday conversation, but I didn’t let a single f**k or s**t or even d**n slip out)

Feeling like a complete failure as a parents when we realized neither of us had pictures of the Little Man on our phones to show off.

Meeting so many in-laws!

Having drinks with Steve and Jacob after the rehearsal dinner. (one of my favorite parts of the whole trip)

Observing many similarities between the brothers even after such a long absence.

Seeing Jason all dressed up and looking fiiinneee.

Second mad dash to Walmart after discovering that my feet have mysteriously shrunk and shoes no longer fit.

My first Catholic wedding, which was incredibly lovely.

Helping the bride with her butt (i.e. her train)

Wishing for a minute that we had had a religious ceremony for our wedding.

Remembering our wedding and realizing how different weddings are after you’re a married person.

Having a blast at the reception.

Finally figuring out the name of the champagne we drank after our wedding.

Drinking my first honey whiskey.

The morning after my first honey whiskey (ok maybe don’t want to remember that one)

Seeing Jason so giddy with excitement over seeing family again, and not wanting the night to end.

So much more, but this post is getting out of hand, so I’ll leave it at that, the very best memory of all. This weekend meant so much to him and I’m so glad I got to be there with him and share in his happiness.