And the sister layouts keep on coming…

Okay I could seriously scrap Baby Jamie pictures for days… This is a bit more restrained than my last one. I’m posting this at 1:30 a.m., which is about three hours past my bedtime so if anything looks crazy or off, let me know 🙂

Dream Power Collection by Mandy King Template by Little Green Frog


Dream Power Collection by Mandy King
Template by Little Green Frog


Happy belated Siblings Day!

This kit came at the perfect time to celebrate Siblings Day. I could do dozens of LO’s about my sister and our relationship. Believe me, I have a list. My goal with this one is to see if I can make her cry. Because I’m mean like that muwahahaha.

Sisters Forever by Simple Girl Scraps Ellies Kraft  Papers


Journaling reads-  When I found out I was going to be a big sister, I was so excited! I never remember feeling jealous or anything like that, just happy and excited. Every age and stage you passed through was my favorite. When you were a baby, babies were my favorite. I loved seeing your whole face light up when you smiled. When you were just about to start kindergarden, confiding to me all your worries about going to a new school, five year olds were my favorite. When I would pick you up from elementary school and we would swing at the playground to avoid going home, eight year olds were my favorite. As you grew up and went into high school, I would still pick you up, but hang back a bit to give you time with your friends. Teenagers were my favorite for a long time. When you came to live with me we had our ups and downs. I wasn’t your mother, but you still needed someone to be. I wasn’t your favorite, but you were always mine. Now as a grown up, you worry me more than ever. It’s hard after so many years of bossing you around to be still and let you make your own way. But I love that we still talk. I love your wicked sense of humor and how you chirp at me. We don’t always see things the same way, but grown up you is definitely my favorite now.

Credits: Sisters Forever Ellies, Kraft, and Pattern Papers by Simple Girl Scraps
Template by Jellebelleke