June goals (our Summer bucket list)


Last month’s goals went really well. Yay accountability!

  1. Morning walks. This did not happen. We’re shooting for this in June or July.
  2. Get library cards. Done.
  3. Catch up with PL. I’m still four weeks behind, but I’m calling this one a partial success because I worked my booty off on PL last month, completing 29 pages!
  4. Participate in NSD. Done, here and here.
  5. Finish prepping for the summer. rent car, program GPS, Summer Daily template, gather craft supplies, Summer 2014 bucket list- All done, except getting crafty stuff
  6. Daily writing. Done, which explains my freakishly regular posting schedule this month 🙂
  7. Have a bookstore coffee date. We attempted this, but sadly our B&N isn’t very conducive to coffee dates. But we did go to the bookstore and had coffee on the same evening so I’m calling this one done.
  8. Hang pictures. Done

Now on to our summer bucket list! I’ve been doing one of these every summer for a couple of years. (2012 and 2013) It’s fun to go back and look at the things we wanted to do each year. They reflect the pattern of our summers and the near frantic pace of our time with the Little Man. We always take a trip. We try to get outside as much as the blazing south Florida weather will allow. We always have a couple of parties. This year is no different.

Things to do this summer-

  • North Dakota and Minnesota
  • camping
  • geocaching
  • swimming
  • explore lots of parks
  • Tampa
  • picnics
  • build an epic sand castle
  • work on a puzzle together
  • play games
  • teach LM how to change a tire and how to cook three meals
  • make lemonade and pizza
  • take 100 family photos
  • daily documentation
  • soccer and football
  • comic book store
  • beach
  • Father’s Day
  • LM’s birthday
  • 4th of July
  • eat on the balcony
  • watch super hero movies

Lots of fun stuff to do. I can’t wait to get started!

We went to the water park

On Saturday we spent the day at Rapids Water Park. It was a perfect sunny day and we all had a blast! Although I did find out that apparently I’m terrified of small enclosed water slides, so the guys went on those without me. We did the bigger slides together, plus the Lazy River. It was so much fun! Everyone’s favorite was the Big Thunder. Such a rush!

IMG_3043 IMG_3046





IMG_3033 IMG_3040 IMG_3041

We took a bunch more pictures, but shirtless pics of the guys and pics of me in a little tankini aren’t for public consumption. You’re welcome 😛

One more thing checked off our List.

We went to the comic book store

Ever summer, we make our pilgrimage to our local comic book store, Past, Present, Future. It’s one of the things Little Man really looks forward to. He loves everything to do with comics, reading them and making his own. And now that we’ve been watching Big Bang Theory together, he’s possibly even more obsessed.

Right now he’s loving all sorts of comics, but Flash, XO ManOwar, and Injustice Gods Among Us are favorites.

Here is a pic of last week’s haul.


Another item checked off our Summer Bucket List!

Summer Bucket List update

We’ve reached the halfway mark with our summer with the Little Man. It has flown by! We never ever have enough time to do everything we want to. Ever. Which makes me sad. But I’ll have plenty of time to be sad next month, so no sense in rushing that.

Here are the results of our summer bucket list so far-

  • swim- Check, plus a couple other times.
  • beach
  • water park
  • parks and nature walks Half Check. We did a few things on our trip, but we still want to squeeze in some local parks if we can.
  • document our adventures- Check. I’m using a combination of Project Life cards + Instagram + Momento to keep track of things. I’m also trying to slip in a few blog posts here and there for remembering the routine everyday stuff. I’ll gather everything together and do something with it this Fall.
  • football- Check. Much more football than soccer this year. We started a new tradition of playing during rest stops while on the road too.
  • soccer- Check.We’ve played every day this week.
  • comics- Check. We went to the comic book store and he racked up a few, most of which he’s read already today.
  • roller skate
  • basil lemonade
  • pizza
  • ice cream
  • skateboard park
  • birthday party for the Little Man- in the planning process. This year it has been INSANE trying to plan something. Long story, but I think I finally have an idea that’ll stick.
  • epic road trip to West Virginia and Washington D.C. Check Plus. I probably won’t write about it until August or September. (I still need to finish up New York). But we did it, and it was awesome!
  • 4th of July party

A pretty good start, I’d say!

I’ll post some pictures soon. iPhoto and I aren’t getting along super well right now.

iNSD Challenge at BPC- Summer 2013 Bucket List

Last weekend was (inter)National Scrapbook Day. I’ve celebrated several iNSD’s since I started scrapbooking, but this one was different. I had a budget of $0. I was a little bummed about that, but I was still able to acquire a bunch of freebies! I will always be grateful for the generosity of designers who share their awesome goodies for free.

I needed something to occupy myself on Sunday, so I looked around for a few challenges. I love challenges! I’d say 95% of the pages I’ve ever made have been for a challenge of some sort.

Big Picture Classes had ten fantastic challenges for iNSD and I did 7 of them! (I’ll probably come back and do a couple more of them at some point). I loved all the inspiring pages from some of my favorite scrapbookers.

The first challenge was to fill out a form. I can see several pages coming from that, so I’ll share those at another time. I did make six other pages for challenges at BPC. I’ll be sharing them in the next few days.

The first challenge was to make a Summer Bucket List. You know I was all over that one! I’m a big fan of bucket lists for each season. Here is last year’s list and a post on what we accomplished. (I can’t believe I never blogged about our St. Augustine adventures! I’m terrible at blogging our travels).

Here’s my page showing this summer’s Bucket List.

Summer 2013 Bucket List web This is one of my favorite pages! Not just for the subject, which is super fun in itself, but I love throwing all these trendy things one one page. Stripes, flairs, mustaches, stamps, journaling cards, chevron, arrows, and washi! It is trend-tacular 🙂

Here’s our list:

  • swim
  • beach
  • water park
  • parks and nature walks
  • document our adventures
  • football
  • soccer
  • comics
  • roller skate
  • basil lemonade
  • pizza
  • ice cream
  • skateboard park
  • birthday party for the Little Man
  • epic road trip to West Virginia and Washington D.C.
  • 4th of July party

I looked at the list and got a little bummed because there are so many BOY things on the list, so my personal addition is to paint my nails in pink sparkly polish. Okay that’s a little gender normative of me, so let me rephrase that. There are a lot of things that involve being outside and getting sweaty doing things that require coordination. So I’ve added an activity that requires sitting still in my air-conditioned house. Much more up my alley 🙂

Layout credits:
Just Be You Kraft, Alpha, Everyday Stuff, Messy Stuff, and Elements by Simple Girl Scraps
Lobster and Lavendar Lime fonts

Summer Manifesto Update

I was going to write about our new Fall Manifesto, but realized I haven’t finished up the summer one. There are a lot of summer things I haven’t finished though. Nothing new there.

This was my Summer Manifesto List. You can follow the links for specifics.

  1. Do something cool for Father’s Day. Check.
  2. Do something new in California. Check Check.
  3. Go to St. Augustine. check. to be blogged eventually
  4. Go swimming as much as possible. Check
  5. Go to a park. Check.
  6. Go to a water park. no
  7. Make homemade lemonade. Check
  8. Make ice cream. no
  9. Make pickles. no
  10. Do something for the 4th. Check
  11. Make pizza. Check. We made this plus thai chicken pizza
  12. Eat outside. Check
  13. Go to the beach. Check (also to be blogged one day)
  14. Do crafty stuff. Check.
  15. Love on these guys. A lot. Check plus 🙂

I really loved doing this, and might make it a recurring seasonal thing. We did our list for fall yesterday. It’s kind of ambitious, but we’re going to have a blast checking things off.

Summer Manifesto

I know the summer is partially over for most people, but ours got started a little late this year. So here is my Summer Bucket List for 2012.

  1. Do something cool for Father’s Day. Check.
  2. Do something new in California. Check Check.
  3. Go to St. Augustine.
  4. Go swimming as much as possible.
  5. Go to a park. Check.
  6. Go to a water park.
  7. Make homemade lemonade.
  8. Make ice cream.
  9. Make pickles.
  10. Do something for the 4th.
  11. Make pizza.
  12. Eat outside.
  13. Go to the beach.
  14. Do crafty stuff.
  15. Love on these guys. A lot.

I’ll be linking up to Ali Edwards’ Summer Manifesto post.