Things I say to the Little Man


I absolutely loved these posts by Ali and Megan. I changed their idea slightly. Looking back through our texts since he got his new phone, here are a few of the things I’ve said to him recently. (Some of them many, many times!)
Have fun!
How was your day?
She’s good. She’s sleeping. (In response to him asking How is Miss Kitty? Which he asks every day, sometimes before he asks how I am :p)
Send pictures please!
Hope you have a great first day at school today!!!! You’re going to be awesome! Love you!!!! We’ll call this evening to see how your day went 🙂
Did you have locker trouble today?
Go eat!
love you toooo!!! Have a great day!!!!!!
How was your weekend?
How is school going? Do you like your classes?
So what was your very favorite part of today so far?
Anything new going on at your house?
Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
Did anything exciting happen today?
I’ll get him to call you tonight.
Funny 🙂
How are your lunches now?
Are there cool people to sit with?
Are you bringing PB again this year or buying?
(Jen = nosy)
Lolol yeah and it’s kind of awkward to be like “What was your name again?
Good job!!!
Hey send me a picture of you in a school outfit soon! All the other scrapbookers are doing “first day of school” pages and I’m all bummed because I don’t have any pictures. I can’t be one of the cool scrapbookers without any pictures! 🙂

Clearly I’m into exclamation points and question marks. And lots and lots of I love you’s.