Throwback Thursday | Jewelry

The cameos in Connie’s kit were what inspired this page about the jewelry I’ve inherited from my grandmothers. This is a story I’ve wanted to scrap for a long time and I’m so glad I finally did it. I’d really like to scrap more pages about the important objects in my life and why I love them.

2015-02-06 Grandmothers' Jewelry web

Journaling reads- Some of my most loved possessions are pieces of jewelry that belonged to my two grandmothers. I’ve had all of these for twenty years or more, and the memories of which pieces belonged to which grandmother have faded. I know the cameos belonged to my Nanny, my mom’s mom. The ship necklace was my Maw’s, my dad’s mother. I believe the rest of the bracelets were hers too. The charm bracelet was definitely hers. Someone told me that the park bench charm was to signify that Paw proposed to her on a park bench. I love having these special pieces of our family’s history.

She Is… by Connie Prince
Forever Love Lace Papers by Kathryn Estry
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Throwback Thursday- #30Lists edition

While working on yesterday’s post, I decided to peruse my older entries for 30 Days of Lists. I came across this list from September 2012-

Events I’d like to attend-

inauguration of a president
opening night of Catching Fire
Oshugatsu (with my sister) or in general again
another Food and Wine Festival at Epcot
Food and Wine in Miami
a wedding that’s not my own
a race
mardis gras
Comic Con
some kind of Olympic competition

I’m very happy to report that I’ve crossed three of those off my list since then.

Not only did we attend Oshugatsu in 2013 and 2014, but we also went to Hatsumi Fair with my sister this year as well.

I went to not one, but two weddings, Steve and Kendra’s in 2013, and Antoine and Heidi’s earlier this year. (Before then, I’d only been to one other wedding besides my own).

And Jason and I celebrated our anniversary last year by doing our first 5k.

Finding little things like this make me so grateful that I’ve kept up with this blog. It’s so interesting to see how things change (I eat much less ice cream now), and things that remain the same (I still curl up my nose at neon).

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Throwback Thursday- Halloween LO edition

Let’s take a trip in the Way Back machine and revisit some of my old Halloween and Fall pages! Doesn’t that sound fun? (And also embarrassing?) Keep in mind, I made some of these five years ago*. So be gentle in your mocking, okay?

Foods of Fall No falling leaves here corn maze

Living in SoFlo, I really miss having real seasons (other than Hurricane Season and the rest of the year). But there are definitely advantages to living here, like strawberries and tomatoes in November.

Jen Meets the Devil

One of my favorite Halloween pages ever!

Again Rain by Lumik Template by Jellebelleke's JackLantern font

I used to make Graveyard Cake a lot before I got married. Jason and I made it together that year. We looked so young!

Playing in the hay

Speaking of young, check out teeny C! This was the one and only year that we got him on Halloween, so I’ve made like five pages from that night. (He was a storm trooper, in case you can’t tell from the bad Palm Treo pictures.

Zombie Toes

Two of my favorite things, zombies + toes.

Halloween 2010

Best Halloween ever. I need to make an accompanying page for that story…

Halloween 2011

Worst Halloween ever. Well worst since I’ve been married. The worst was in 1997 when I stepped on a nail and had to get a tetanus shot.

decorations 2013 web

And finally, a page I made last week talking about Halloween 2013.

Journaling reads- After someone stole my plants from the front porch, I decided not to decorate for Halloween outside. But at the last minute I changed my mind and decorated the balcony. I decorated, then set out drinks as a surprise for Jason when he got home.

Project 2014 October PreDeco papers and ellies
Perfectly Pumpkin kit
by Connie Prince

*These were made before I started keeping track of credits in the metadata of my LO’s so I don’t have that info.