Watching– cooking shows (Sweet Genius is insane), NCIS, YouTube
Reading– People
Listening– Divergent, podcasts
Making– smoothies and homemade spaghetti sauce
Feeling– sore
Planning– blog posts and workouts
Loving– new nail polish, fingernails and toes that match

written 1.18.13


I really like Kristin’s new Currently cards. Great for Project Life. I’m trying to think of ways to incorporate my handwriting into my digital PL this year, so these could definitely help with that.

So here are my Currents:
Watching- Top Chef, Big Bang Theory, just caught up with Elementary
Reading- WebMD, Real Simple, a whole lot of blogs
Listening- back episodes of Paperclipping Roundtable
Making- LO’s for challenges and CT assignments
Feeling- anxious
Planning- menus
Loving- working out as a stress relief… pretzels and Nutella as an additional stress relief

And a few others I’ll throw in just because…
Super annoyed by the complete lack of journalistic integrity CBS is showing right now.
Excited about all the new Project Life kits.
Wishing they would add a paypal option to the AC Digitals store so I can actually buy some of them someday.
Hearing the dog downstairs barking… barking… barking.
Remembering why I like cats.
Trying to be brave. And strong.
Thinking it’s going to be a long two weeks.
Looking forward to Oshogatsu this weekend.

Posting might be a little sparse for the next few weeks. Hopefully things will be back to normal around the middle of February. I’ll be around, always on instagram, sometimes on Twitter.

Fall TV

I’m still here, in 85 degree weather waiting for fall to arrive in South Florida. Any day now…

While I’m waiting on that, there are tons of fun fall things to watch right now. The new fall season of some of our favorite shows have finally arrived, and we’ve found a few new ones we like too.

There have been a couple of disappointments, like Revolution and The New Normal. I was pretty excited for both of these, but they were both meh . I think Jericho and Modern Family did it first and did it better.

We weren’t especially looking forward to The Mindy Project or Go On, but both have been surprisingly good so far. I usually hate to watch anything medical related for entertainment, but TMP is mostly focused on her love life, or lack thereof. She just happens to also be a doctor. We’ve only seen one episode of Go On, but it was pretty cute, so it got added to the DVR a little late in the game.

As for old favorites coming back… Loving the direction they’ve taken with Once Upon A Time! We were kind of worried what they would do with everyone getting their memories back finally, but now they’ve added in a new place and a few new characters they’re keeping things fresh.

NCIS’s first couple of episodes were kind of downers but they picked it up and it’s getting back to the same show we know and love.

Up All Night is still hilarious, especially the trapeze episode. I mentioned before how much I would love to take trapeze lessons 🙂

And last, but not least… Vampire Diaries!!! Okay, I know. I will not defend my love for VD here. I will just say that for a show written for teenagers, it’s pretty damned good. The end. This season starts out with Elena waking up changed. (I won’t get spoilery in case anyone wants to catch up on the first couple of seasons on Netflix streaming. Which you should). Anyway, Elena is changed, but will she stay that way? Or will Bonnie find a way to stop things? And who’s this new crazy priest? And will the humans be able to take back Mystic Falls from the sups? And wtf is up with Tyler? And can poor Rebecca get a freakin’ break already? I think the best part for me was when Gram showed up. Pretty great. I might have jumped up and down and pointed just a little. Can’t wait for tonight’s episode.

Yes, we watch too much TV. That actually doesn’t even scratch the surface of our DVR to-record list. There are several shows, like Covert Affairs and CSI that we record too. These are just the ones we keep up with regularly. The rest we save for when our other shows have gone to reruns or on hiatus.

Would love to hear if anyone has any good recommendations for TV shows 🙂

High Five for Friday


Wow this marks my 10th High Five for Friday post! I’m not always consistent about doing them, it’s been over a month since I wrote one, but I love gathering together snippets of things that I’m excited about and grateful for. These will be fun looking back at in five years, that’s for sure.

So here are five awesome things from the last month or so…

1. Hunger Games. Oh yes. Obsessed. Read of my love of all things HG here.

2. Looking (nearly) normal again. I had my eyelid I&D a couple of weeks ago. I looked pretty gross for awhile before and after, but on the road to looking like myself again. It’s awesome not to look like the bad guy in the Green Lantern anymore. Or like I got in a bar fight.

3. My sister got her first job!!!! SO proud of her!!! She has had so many struggles these past month with the house fire and the ending of her long term relationship. I’m so glad things are looking up for her.

4. Little Man made it safely back to CA and is doing well. He started school Monday. Will post a pic as soon as him mom sends me one.

5. Fluffy shows and books. I’m tearing through the Amelia Peabody mysteries. I started reading them back in high school, but I stopped somewhere around book 12 or 13. I picked them up again after I read HG. I decided to start over again, and I’m on the 12th book. It’s kind of interesting reading them as a married lady v. reading them in high shool and in my early 20’s. I was surprised to realize how these books have influenced some of my thinking, especially about men.

Also watching a lot of Big Bang Theory reruns, and our usual House Hunters and Bitchin’ Kitchen. Can’t wait to introduce little man to Nadia G. As Jason said, “He is so going to be in love with her”. I don’t think he’s the only one 😛

Okay one more thing that I’m ridiculously stupidly excited for…

6. Holy Balls Becky Higgins! I actually said that out loud when I saw that she’s going to be doing a SMALLER VERSION OF A PROJECT LIFE ALBUM!!! I am so intimidated by her 12×12 albums. I always have everything printed in 8×8 whether it’s pages or books. That’s one of my main reasons for doing PL in digital form. And I probably still will. But I would LOVE to maybe use one of her smaller books as Little Man’s next summer book. Or to make mini books of trips. Or… oh so many possibilities there! She has a ton of new announcements up on her blog this week, including designs by Elise Blaha (!), new baby kits, and new kits for kids. Hopefully these will all be available digitally too. Can’t wait!

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