Twelve layouts for November

Here are my layouts for the Twelve Class this month.

Me: Walk On
Momentos kit by Lisete…amp;amp;page=1
Easy Blends mask by Inspired by Dominic…amp;amp;page=1
Tiffany Writing font…amp;amp;page=1

People: Thank You Nanny
Autumn Memories kit by Partners In Crime…amp;amp;page=1
Home Sweet Home template by Kaymee Designs…amp;amp;page=1
Thankful WA by Artful Musings
Text path action by Wendy Zine
Lucinda Caligraphy font

Places: Cinderella Castle
Beautiful You Collection by Partners In Crime…amp;amp;cat=98
Filler Up template by Lilacs in Bloom…amp;amp;page=1
Fonts- Architect’s Daughter, Mom’s Typewriter, Walt Disney Script

Things: Autumn Sunrise
Blustery Day by Michelle Godin
Color Me Frosty template by Dagi’s Temp-Tations…amp;amp;page=1
Fonts- Apple Chancery and Tiffany Writing…amp;amp;page=1

Personality: You Make Me Smile
Picture Perfect by Alegna (DSD FWP @ SDD)
Tiffany Writing font…amp;amp;page=1
Tiffany Dotted font blog freebie

Everyday: What Today Looks Like
Make A List Papers…amp;amp;page=1
Make A list Highlights…amp;amp;page=1
Make A List Brushes…amp;amp;page=1
Tiffany Writing font…amp;amp;page=1
All by Inspired by Dominic

Fun: A Day With You
A Day With You by Keep In Touch Designs…amp;amp;page=1
Color Me Pretty Set 4 by Dagi’s Temp-Tations…amp;amp;page=1
Apple Chancery font

I didn’t get to all of them. And again, most of these were for CT assignments. I wonder sometimes if I would scrap much at all if I didn’t CT. But I’m happy for what I did accomplish.

And SUPER happy that Finding Photo Freedom registration is coming soon! I can’t wait to take another class from Stacey. Twelve has been so fantastic, and has really changed my thought process on the kinds of pages I want to make. So definitely looking forward to FPF. Because my photo library currently has 28,156 photos in it and it would be great to get a better handle on them!

Twelve for August

This is a completely scrapbooking post. If you don’t have the Scrapbooking Rabies like me, feel free to skip. Unless you’re my dad, because he’s the one who shelled out the dollars for this class for me, so he might be interested in where the dollars went. 🙂

I’ve been taking an online scrapbooking class this year called Twelve. It’s taught by Stacey Julian, who is seriously like my scrapbooking idol. She is awesome in so many ways and on so many levels I could probably do a whole series of posts just about how much I heart her.

I’m going to backtrack a little and say that when I first found this hobby, I was pretty overwhelmed. There was just so much stuff. Photo editing, journaling, techniques, products. Through my “evolution of scrap” I finally figured out what my main purposes and goals were for my pages. This was a long process, but something I think every scrapper needs to go through. I found that I loved the photos, and I wanted to use them to tell stories. Some people like it for the artistic expression, some want to leave a family legacy for their children. But those things didn’t really interest me. I love great product and if others want to look at my pages, that’s great. But I mostly scrap because I want to tell stories with photos and words. Okay and pretty products too.

The main premise in the class is that we all have so many stories to tell. We need to find a way to cultivate our own ways of capturing our ideas and setting them up for future reference. You are the curator of your stories. When you have set up your own “inspiration file”, you have a place to keep all the random bits and pieces of inspiration. When you’re actively looking for inspiration in your life, you’ll find it literally everywhere you look. Having a place, whether physical or virtual (mine is in Evernote), to keep everything together means that I very rarely have “scrapper’s block”.

If I’m assigned a kit with a theme to CT for, I can easily know what story I can tell and often what photos to use. I have a good 200 ideas just ready and waiting for me to scrap them at any time. And I get more ideas all the time.

Stacey decided that she wanted to concentrate on twelve topics for this year. The topics are Me, People, Places, Things, Personality, Holidays, Rituals, Everyday, Inspiration, Fun, Family Stories, and Seasons. Each month she tries to do a page or project about each topic. She has also expanded the projects to include things like mini books, home movies, and even a website. She will eventually have 144 pages/ projects for this year.

Throughout the past 9 months I have not made a LO for each topic each year. Not even close. But the topics are never far from my mind and they have had a great influence on the pages I’ve made this year. I’ve never been this consistently inspired. It’s been amazing.

I would like to share a few of the pages I made last month based on the Twelve Categories.

Me: Pretty self-explanatory. I made a LO about my birthday this year (which could have also gone into the Holidays category) and a siggy for the forums.

People: LO about the Little Man

Places: Jacksonville Naval Base

Things: A great photo my FIL took and a LO about mini golf

Personality: Miss Kitty definitely has personality 😛 and a LO about how Jason and I feel about being on boats.

Holidays: Not strictly a Holiday LO, but it was about the beginning of the summer with Little Man.

Rituals: I don’t necessarily love the word “rituals” (reminds me of satanic rituals), so I think of this as the “Stuff we do a lot/ habits/ patterns” category. A LO about Little Man playing guitar with Daddy and Grandpa M. And a LO about how I like to take sneaky pictures while nobody’s looking.

Everyday: A LO about the music I listen to a lot. I also count Project Life LO’s in this category.

Inspiration: A LO about a gorgeous chocolate sculpture

Fun: LO’s about riding in min cars and all the fun places I’d like to travel to with Jason.

Family Stories: a story about Jason’s grandfather singing in the car. Could have also gone in the Rituals category because we sing in the car at the beginning of every long trip.

Seasons: A LO about saying goodbye to LM for the year- my least favorite time of year. And a LO about hurricane season.

This was a really prolific month. I was just brimming with inspiration after an eventful summer, so most of the LO’s had something to do with that, or traveling. I was also lucky enough to work with several really fabulous kits in my CT this month.

This was a super long post. If you’ve made it this far, Thank You! 🙂