#30Lists Day 5 (March Goals)

Before I get into this prompt, I’ll take this opportunity to review last month’s goals.

  • Walk 40 miles again. (I’ll have to work a little harder to get this, since it’s a shorter month).
  • Add Pilates to the mix. I like Pilates a lot better than regular strength training, so maybe that will be more motivating. I want to do one or the other 3 times a week.
  • Try the stationary bike or elliptical. After 2 months of walking, I need to shake up my cardio routine.
  • Catch up on blog posts I want to write, or let them go. Who wants to read about Christmas in February?
  • Continue working my cleaning routines, and add in Weekly stuff. (ahem, mopping)
  • Have an awesome birthday.
  • Track meals for a week. I use the LoseIt! app.
  • Try some new recipes for foods I usually buy in boxes and bags. This is why.

Looking at this list, I did a not so great job with goals. I think it as a really “off” month for me.

I didn’t even make half of my walking goal. I think I did 16 miles. I did Pilates and made it to the gym for biking and elliptical a few times, but not nearly as much as I would’ve liked.

I caught up on a few posts I wanted to write and I’m letting the rest go.

I actually did ok with the weekly cleaning stuff.

My birthday was awesome, but that had more to do with Jason than me 🙂

The thing I did the best at was keeping up with my meals on LoseIt! I figured out that you can set an alarm so that if I forget to log a meal, it sends me a notification. I did two full weeks of logging food in February and am going strong so far this month.

I tried a few new recipes this month, most notably this chewy brownie recipe. So good I didn’t even have a chance to take pictures before they were gone.

Now on to March goals!

list 5

Set a workout schedule and stick to it, using bribery if necessary.
Make plans for Jason’s birthday in April.
Look for new plants.
Blog fun and exciting things within the week they happen.
Do something crafty.
Go to the beach.
Celebrate spring.
Go to Hatsume or an Air Show
Start a new series.
Find something green to wear.
Catch up on Project Life.

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