High Five for Friday

Lots to be grateful for/ excited about the past couple of weeks!

1. Making progress with the old knee. I’m completely off crutches now, but steps are still pretty painful. I have to hold onto a rail for dear life, but progress!

2. Presidential debates are way more fun with social media. Twitter has the best jokes and FB has good conversations. And we mostly keep it civil. Mostly.

3. Too Close by Alex Clare. Yeah, the one on the internet explorer commercials. Don’t hate.

4. Candy Corn. Candy corn is the devil. bad for my teeth. bad for my general health. awesome.

5. TV + Plex App. Might do a post on this later, or get Jason to do one. We’ve been playing with it for months on and off, but we might have it right this time *crosses fingers*

Honorable mention goes to Yankee Candle fall candles. They make the whole house smell good before I even light them.

Short and sweet this week 🙂

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