#30Lists Days 24-27

I started my second round of 30 Days of Lists in March, but I lost track of it around the middle of the month. When I saw they were offering a self paced version of the lists, it reminded me I still needed to finish mine up. (I’m not affiliated with 30 Lists, I just think it’s a fun project).

list 24

Albert, our (female) cat through my early childhood. The matriarch.
Albert’s daughter Meghan, who lived to the ripe old age of 19.
Meghan’s daughter Silver (Bella), who got me through so much.
Meghan’s other daughter Pretty Kitty, who thought she was a ballerina.
Meghan’s adopted daughter Sia, who was left on our doorstep.
Petey, my sister’s cat, who thought he was a person.
Tank, the only dog I’ve ever called my own.
and of course Miss Kitty, who deigned to adopt us in 2006, when I was so lonely and needed a friend.

list 25

Talk to Jason
Go with my gut

list 26

Waiting for the Little Man
Planning our trip to California
Having major headaches
Worrying about my mom and sister

list 27

You get to choose.
Give your body what it needs.
Go outside.

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