Our belated Father’s Day (plus an overload of photos)

On Father’s Day this year, we were just coming back from our trip, so we made the decision early on to celebrate it the next weekend. (We did something similar last year too).   I wanted to do something special, but I knew my time to get things together would be pretty limited.

I’ve seen this Father’s Day Quiz around the interwebs for a couple of days, so I knew that would be fun. My printer is out of ink, so I wrote out the quiz and had the Little Man fill it out. Here are his answers. And my commentary in italics.

My dad’s name is burrito <— hilarious mistake we decided to keep in
He is 38 years old (I had to help with that one, though clearly I’m not the best person to ask according to this year’s birthday cake fiasco).
He is 7 feet tall.
He weighs 187 pounds.
His favorite TV show is Apple TV.
His favorite food is burritos.
His favorite drink is sweet tea burritos (At this point, he’s just answering every question with burritos)
His favorite thing to do is have fun.
He likes to wear jeans.
He is REALLY good at mechanics.
I like it best when my dad is awesome.
My favorite thing to do with my dad is throw the (foot+ball)= football
When my dad goes to work, he works for the IT dept. It is hard (right?)

I also printed out a few (okay 200) pictures of Jason and Little Man throughout the years. Soon after we first got married, he had mentioned to me that there weren’t a lot of photos of he and LM together. I decided then and there that it would be my mission in life to make sure there are lots and lots of pics of the two of them from then on.

I didn’t do anything fancy, just printed them and put them in a two-up photo album from Target with a few Project Life cards. I put them in semi-chronological order and LM slid them into the pockets. The most time consuming part was gathering the photos, but it was definitely the most fun. And now I have a ton of ideas for future LO’s.  🙂

Here are a few of my favorites, in no particular order.

DSC_1953 DSC_2922

The above two were taken by Jason’s dad on our trip to St. Augustine last summer.One posed, and one completely spontaneous. I love them both.


Just a random everyday kind of photo.


At the Museum of Aviation in Savannah.

IMG_2376 IMG_2484

Two from Busch Gardens. I love how LM is gazing up at his dad. Makes me melt. The other is hopefully as close as they’ll ever get to a lion. Freaked me out, but I still think the jackals were a lot more scary.


Our first outing together as a family after we got married, the Palm Beach Zoo. He’s so teeny!

IMG_2592-copy IMG_2619-copy

The first and only Easter we’ve all spent together. Jason made an Easter Egg hunt. LM is checking out his loot.


Playing the guitar together. I made a LO with this one here.


Our first air show, scrapped here.


I love this one because they look so similar, which is pretty rare.


Last year at Green Cay Park. They’re not big hand holders generally, so I’m glad I got this one. Scrapped here.


Our first time picking him up in California after he moved away. We could not contain the excitement! At the Proud Bird restaurant in L.A. I think I have three different pages with this picture.


With Darth Vadar on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Our first trip to West Virginia together. I know it meant a lot to Jason to show him where he spent his childhood summers.


And another tiny Little Man pic. I had this one put on a mug in 2006. 🙂

So that was our Father’s Day this year. Pretty low-key, but that’s what he wanted 🙂

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