December Daily (part two)

I worked on a couple of DD pages this week. Please keep in mind that this is the first non-digital scrapbook I’ve made since my Senior Scrapbook back in ’96. πŸ˜›

But before I get into the pages, I want to throw this out there for all the traditional scrapbookers… how the heck do you find anything in these craft stores??? There are like 250 different kinds of adhesives. And it took us forever to find plain white tags. (Jason finally found some when I was “this close” to leaving in tears. It was that bad). Things are arranged in a way that makes no logical sense… to me anyway. And these people were not helpful. But maybe that was just the store I went to. Shopping digi seems so much easier πŸ˜›

Anyway back to my December Daily. My foundation pages are here.

I kept it really simple. (Because I don’t know what I’m doing). Made a little photo collage with some text, printed it out, glued it in. Looking back, I wish I’d printed it smaller and horizontally, but I’m really low on ink, so I didn’t want to waste any ink on reprinting. Lesson learned. The text is a very abbreviated version of this post.


I stuck in a Starbuck’s bag cut down. On the back I listed our favorite coffee drinks this winter. They’re hard to see, so I might go over them in a thicker pen or marker. The next page is an instagram of of our town’s Christmas tree.


The next page has pictures of our Christmas tree and tell how I put it up early this year to surprise Jason. The page opposite… well it’s full of glitter and I kind of don’t want to cover it up. So I left it alone. Is that cheating?


So there are my first couple of pages. I don’t have a schedule for doing it every day, but I have a list of things that I want to include, so I work on it a little here and there when I’m in the mood. And when a certain Kitty lets me…


2 thoughts on “December Daily (part two)

  1. Love it! You could have fooled me that you haven’t done any paper scrapping in that long!

    As for shopping, I haven’t had to do any actual shopping for anything other than adhesive in forever, because I practically have a store in my house (which is the result of working in a scrapbooking store for a few years). I actually just get my adhesive at Target when I go once a month. I like tape runners (Scotch is my brand). I also have a bunch of other kinds of adhesives for different things, though. But the Scotch is what I use for everyday stuff.

    Also, I personally don’t like shopping at big craft stores for scrapbooking supplies. The selection usually isn’t all that great. I like local scrapbooking stores, Archivers, and online sites like Two Peas in a Bucket. I also get stuff from time to time on the deal-a-day site Peachy Cheap.

  2. aww thank you! πŸ™‚
    Maybe I need to come shopping at your house too then πŸ˜› That’s a good idea about the local stores. I know they have a really great store in Tampa, so I definitely want to hit that one when we go up there next. I’ll have to research if we have any in the PB area. I don’t want to let one bad experience spoil things.
    I ended up getting an elmer’s glue stick to stick the photos on, but I think I’ll need something stronger eventually for the cover and to use on the pages with a lot of glitter. I went there thinking I’d get Mod Podge, but there are like 10 different kinds!
    Will definitely check out the tape runners. πŸ™‚
    The only thing I have against getting things online right now, is that I’m so ignorant. I really think I need to see things and hold them in my hand to know what things are. But hopefully as I learn more, I’ll shop online more

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