‘Twas the weekend before Thanksgiving…

I’ve been a bit MIA for a couple of weeks. Part of it was due to general busyness, but most of it was because I had a secret. And I was so worried that I’d let the cat out of the bag, that I decided it was best if I avoided all social media last week. And omg it was So Hard!

So last Saturday we made plans to go see the new Twilight movie. Now that there aren’t any more Harry Potter movies, these are pretty much the only movies I want to see in the theater. It’s become a tradition for us to go see them opening weekend. Not because they’re good, but because we absolutely love making fun of them. It’s our own version of MST3K. So while everyone else in the theater is swooning over Jacob in all his shirtless glory, we’re whispering rude comments to each other. Very quietly of course. Don’t want to get mauled by the angry crowd.

But something strange happened around the fourth movie. They magically stopped being terrible. We were amazed! So I have to say, I was really looking forward to the fifth movie, especially how they were going to handle the ending. And it didn’t disappoint. Definitely the best by far.

Afterwards we decided to hit up Starbucks. We had a nice time sitting outside watching pigeons and talking. Christmas carols were playing. It was a really lovely afternoon. The subject turned to the holidays, and I said something about going to Tennessee for Christmas. That’s when Jason told me we’d have to stay in town this year because of some work stuff. We already knew we were probably not going to TN for the summer, so it just crashed in on me that it would be a long time before I saw my family again.

So we decided on the spur of the moment to spend Thanksgiving in Nashville after all. Because only my husband would think it’s perfectly fine to plan a 17 hour road trip on four days notice. Because he is amazing.

We decided to skip the tree lighting this year, but took a few pictures around City Place before it got too crowded.

Jason was starving, so we went to Miami Subs. We haven’t been there since we moved, so it was a nice treat. Then we headed home to do some plotting and scheming.

I knew that instead of having their usual Thanksgiving at my Aunt Marsha’s (she of the sausage ball fame), my immediate family was doing turkey day at my dad and stepmom’s house. My sister and her boyfriend have been staying there since their house fire, and they had also invited my mom to join them. Knowing that everyone would be under one roof this year gave me the idea of making it a surprise that we were coming up.

The only person we told in TN was my stepmom, Jeannie. Because I didn’t want to just show up uninvited at her house. I said “Definitely don’t tell mom or Jamie, but I’m not going to tell you to lie to your husband, so if you need to, you can tell dad”. She immediately wanted it to be a surprise for dad too, and I’m so glad she did. She is an awesome surprise keeper!

It was a pretty fantastic date day. It didn’t end up the way we’d planned, but some wonderful things came from that day 🙂

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