Week in the Life: Monday

So yesterday was interesting. Well not really. I’m just trying to put a positive spin on things. I think the universe is trying to tell me to get over myself and cultivate a more positive attitude. I’m trying, universe, really I am.

Yesterday started at 3 a.m. with Miss Kitty jumping around acting like a nut. This has become way too common. She gets a wild hair, then Jason gets riled up. I can usually sleep through the turmoil until he starts throwing pillows at her… So I laid there for a while, but the Exedrin I’d taken the night before squashed any thoughts I’d had about getting back to sleep. Plus I had Ideas. Ideas about decorating the living room. Ideas about blog posts. Ideas about calling my sister Right Now and asking if she had my sewing machine because it was imperative that I start sewing all my clothes Right Now. This is what happens when I take Exedrin, I get a lot of crazy notions in my head. It’s the caffeine. I spared my sister a middle of the night phone call and started making lists. I heart lists.

Sorry for all the bad photos. I’m putting the unedited versions here.

More drama with the cat ensued when I finally headed back to bed, around 6. We decided that we’re up for the day. Jason headed to the shower and I started making lunch, coffee, etc.

When he comes out, he’s doubled over with chest pains. Of course inside I’m freaking the hell out. But I asked a few questions and figured it wasn’t a heart attack. (Don’t take this as sound medical advice. I know the signs very well and knew it was probably was intracostal strain) But still, very upsetting to see your love in pain like that.

He laid on the couch until time to go to work. I was worried, second guessing myself every two minutes, vacillating between “He’s going to be fine.” and “What if something happens while he’s driving?”. But he was starting to feel better and like he could go, so he went to work.

I did my morning routine stuff, starting laundry, emptying the dishwasher, clean up the kitchen, and stretch. Breakfasted on bran flakes. Watched some Today Show and listened to iPad Today. Lamented that Leo Laporte does some really dumb things for such an intelligent guy. Showered. Really exhausted from lack of sleep. Worked on Ye Olde Blog and IM’ing with Jason. He made it into work relatively ok. Traffic was bad.

I worked on the living room shelves. We got another Billy bookcase from IKEA on Sunday so I have plenty of room to spread out my cookbooks, scrapbooks, and various other things. I unpacked six boxes of books and arranged them somewhat artistically. It was actually nice having the planning time in the early a.m. because I had a good idea of where I wanted things to go so it went pretty quickly.

In progress.

The rest of the morning was taken up with Flipboard, Pinterest, and purging e-mails. Also a snack of seafood salad and ritz. This is where  you queue the foreboding music.

Before I get to that, I’ll talk a little about my process. All throughout the morning I was taking lots of pictures foe WITL with my iPhone. I used the Momento app to make little notes. The app also collects my Facebook and twitter posts. That’s how I was able to keep pretty detailed records of my morning. Since I’m in the process of unpacking still, I took a lot of pictures of that, like the before and after shots of the shelves. Every half hour or so I’d stop what I was doing and snap a couple of pics and make a couple of notes in Momento. I knew the first day would probably be the most detailed, since the first day of any project is always shiny and new and full of promise. I figure it’ll taper off towards the end of the week and I’ll be talking less about my daily routine and more about whatever unpacking/ decorating projects I’m working on. That’s the plan at least.

Anyway back to my day. I had lunch and settled in to do some SDD stuff, catching up on the forums and seeing what else I needed to work on to finish out the month. Then I got sick. Back to the computer feeling a little woozy but ready to push through. Then sick again. And again. Talked to Jason and asked him to bring Gatorade. Figured out it must have been the seafood salad. So not in the mood for WITL documentation at that point. Listened to a couple of How Stuff Works podcasts and felt miserable.

Jason came home feeling pretty rough too so we spent the rest of the night on the couch feeling sorry for ourselves. At some point in the afternoon before I started getting sick I had put some BBQ chicken in the crock pot so we had food. I made some pasta and green beans. We ate and I cleaned up and finished laundry in between getting sick some more. I was Super Cranky at this point and just wanted sleep.

But MK had other plans. She had slept most of the day, taking a brief break to supervise me getting the shelves together. So she decided instead of letting us sleep, she wanted to run around the room making noise and jumping on things. I tried to put her in the carrier, but it was too traumatic for both of us, so I ended up putting her in the guest bathroom for the night. Didn’t sleep well because I kept waking up wondering where the cat was.

Thoughts on Day One. When I woke up this morning I was in a Foul Mood and ready to call off WITL completely. It was too much. I couldn’t handle WITL+being sick+Jason in pain+ unpacking+ lack of sleep. I felt my dreams of having a really cool book on my shelf slip away.

Then I remembered Elise Blaha’s post from yesterday about how she is doing WITL this time around. Less documentation, just lots of photos slipped into her Project Life book. Hmmm… maybe it’s not a lost cause after all. I could probably handle that. Ideally I would still love to have a book like Nettio’s, but in the meantime I’ll keep snapping away. And if my WITL ends up being just photos and blog posts stuck into Project life, then that’s still awesome. Roll with the punches and always have a backup plan right?

So Day One down-
35 photos and screenshots taken
11 Momento notes
1 FB post
7 tweets
1 Cranky sick wife
1 husband in pain
1 cat with a death wish
6 days to go….

5 thoughts on “Week in the Life: Monday

    • Thanks so much! I definitely thought about quitting. I was “this” close. But I think it’s a worthwhile project and I’m going to try to see it through. Even if it means taking pictures from my sick bed. Which I did this morning, lol. But both of us are on the road to recovery 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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