30 Days of Lists- Day 13

Today’s prompt is-

Dinner Party Invitees

Jason and I had a conversation about this very thing awhile back, so this is a joint list.

  • Brian Williams and John Stewart, because they are seriously so hilarious together.
  • Bill Clinton, because well, I’m sure he’s fun at parties right?
  • Michelle Obama, because she would be gracious and put everyone at ease. And she wouldn’t take crap off Brian Williams.
  • Abe Lincoln, in case there was a knife fight and we needed backup
  • James Carville and Mary Matalin, because of they are members of the Cocktail Party.
  • Mike Birbiglia could bring Sun Chips and Fresca.
  • Michael Steele, because we’d need another Republican in the mix. And he has his own puppet. Speaking of lesbian bondage, I’d totally be ok if he brought Irene Adler, the one in BBC’s Sherlock Series 2. Can I get a high fibble?

This list obviously leans more towards those of the political and male persuasion. Except for Birbiglia, who while male, isn’t into politics as far as I know. And obviously Michelle. So it’s just a starting point, but a pretty good start I think. Any suggestions are welcome 🙂

List made 9.13.12

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2 thoughts on “30 Days of Lists- Day 13

  1. Chuck Norris needs to go to the party……because if he doesn’t, the party will just end up going to him. Also, a rap battle rematch between him and Lincoln would be awesome.

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