Week in the Life 2014 | Monday photos and words

This week I’m playing along with Week in the Life, an intense documentation project from Ali Edwards. My Week in the Life posts can be found here.

I copied and pasted most of this post from notes I made in the Momento app. Photos are a mix from Jason’s and my iPhones, plus a couple from my DSLR. Total photos- 26

DSC_0001 DSC_0002 DSC_0003 DSC_0005 IMG_3020

6:30 AM Jason’s alarm went off for the 2nd time and he got up and went to get ready for work. I rolled over for another ten minutes, then got up. Fitbit told me I’ve only had six and a half hours of sleep, which does not bode well for the rest of the day.
I got up and did my morning stuff, contacts, teeth, weigh, and put on workout clothes. I went to the kitchen and give MK her treats, then started breakfast for Jason and packed his lunch (leftover pizza from last night). The oatmeal exploded in the microwave and a made a mental note to finish cleaning that up later. I was already cranky because my phone died and I struggled with the Nikon. Not many pictures this morning.
Jason gets out of the shower and dressed. I grabbed a banana and glass of water and we settled in front of GMA for a few minutes. We’re especially interested in the John Goodman trial, having lived in West Palm. There was also a funny story about a couple of thieves who got caught after butt dialing 911 and bragging about it to each other (with Bon Jovi playing in the background, no less).
Jason left for work and I got my stuff together to go for a walk. There’s a funky smell and I realized I’ve left laundry sitting in the washer since Friday. Good job jen. Started that going again and headed to the park.

IMG_3021 IMG_3022 IMG_3023

It’s a short one this morning, only once around the track. My shin splints are acting up, which is ridiculous because I just walked 3 miles on Saturday just fine, but now I can barely do half a mile. Blech. Anyway so I walked/jogged around the track. It’s nice and chilly outside. Great to get outside and I felt my mood improving. I went home and sat down to write out my morning. MK came over to snug with me.


9:00 AM Laundry, fed kitty, texted Jason and Marsha. Ate breakfast. Checked my calendar and started planning for my day.
Listened to Stuff You Missed in History Class (Hethern School, the Witch of Wall Street, the Great Leap Forward)


9:37 AM Laundry. Dishes, shower, Jen maintenance. Cleaned the microwave mess. Listening to Die Upon a Kiss. Skimmed blogs. Cut my bangs and the back of my hair. Did my eyebrows.


11:30 AM Wrote out birthday cards for mom and Marsha. Went to the front office to drop off mail and get a furnace filter. I asked around to see if there were a lot of trick or treaters in the neighborhood and it looks like there aren’t. Bummer, but we’ll probably get candy anyway. Just in case.

IMG_3028 IMG_3029 IMG_3030

12:30 PM Ate lunch (leftover pizza) and texted with Jason a bit. Spent way too long working on writing a bio (so awkward!) Stress ate some chocolate chips.

3:15 PM Realized I’d forgotten to put dinner in the slow cooker, so took care of that. Spent a couple of hours working on CT stuff, mostly familiarizing myself with the Gingerscraps CT forum and downloading from my other new team, which won’t be announced until next week.
Took care of the cat box, garbage, and checked the mail.

5:15 PM Checked on dinner and watered the house plants. Went outside to check on the balcony plants and watered those. We’ll be eating two tiny tomatoes this week. Flossed. (I floss in the afternoon because I’m always always too tired before bed. I figure better do it in the afternoon than not at all).

IMG_1417 (1) IMG_1420 (1) IMG_3035

5:30 PM Jason came home and we sat around and talked about our days. He’s had a very busy Monday as usual. We went out for a short walk and fought off bugs. He took a few pictures for me. I’m just not feeling the pictures today at all.
We came back home and I realized that I’d also forgotten to start the side dish for dinner. I can’t get it together with food timing today at all. We finally sat down to eat at around 8:30. It was really good! This was the first time trying out these recipes and I think both are keepers. We are and Jason helped me clean up and put things away, which I really appreciate. Cleaning up after dinner is my very least favorite part of cooking. I try to clean as I go, but there always still seems to be a huge mess anyway.

Creamy Slow-Cooker Chicken with Vegetables
Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes


9:00 PM We settled in front of the TV for Monday Night Football. Neither of us was super into the game, so I listened to a podcast about the Cultural Revolution while browsing the new Studio Calico LO’s. Jason surfed on his iPad. Chairman Mao was making me sleepy, so I turn on the Adele Pandora station. I started reflecting on where we were last year and how grateful I am that we have so much more time together since we moved. I was feeling very romantic, but too tired to act on anything. We went to bed around 10:30.

Best part of today- Drowsy snugs on the couch after dinner

Worst part of today- Knowing that the sale of my childhood home was finalized today.

Observations- Thinking of how different our lives have been over the years I’ve been doing WITL. Two years ago we’d just moved and I was unpacking our apartment. Jason was just starting his new job. Last year we were totally burnt out with Jason’s commute and I was itching to move again. Now we’re settled in a different apartment closer to his job and we get to spend so much more time together.

I love Ali’s post about looking for the “why’s” of your day. I’m going to keep that in mind this week.

I’m not feeling the photos today. Good thing I have a whole week.

Overheard- The hilarious Lincoln commercial parody from Jim Carrey.

Gratitude- more time, creative work, and good sources of streaming music

The house


The house where we moved when I was a baby.

The house I walked to after school.

The house where my parents’ marriage fell apart.

The house I stayed in with my dad.

The house I left when I was thirteen.

The house I returned to the day I graduated high school.

The house where I learned to cook and keep a home.

The house where horrific things happened.

The house where fantastic things happened.

The house that I brought home the man I wanted to marry.

The house my dad left when he got remarried.

The house that my sister made a home.

The house that burned.

The house that nobody cared about enough to fix.

The house that has caused so many divides in our family.

I feel like we all betrayed the house. I am sad and angry at all of us for that. My head understands the reasons, but my heart does not.

I hope the house gets a fresh start with it’s new family.


Project 52: Week 37

Nature's Delight and A Simple Love by Simple Girl Scraps

This week I made a page for our afternoon in Boca. I actually made three total pages for that day so far, so I’ll put them all in this post.

First up is the one I made for the P52 challenge. I cannot get enough of LO’s with full page photos!

Journaling reads- The beach at Boca. It had been raining off and on all day so we didn’t stay very long. We walked along the pier and watched some people skimming. I’d never seen that before, It was pretty neat. There weren’t many people braving the drizzles. We walked along the pier and talked. It’s been a few weeks since we’ve taken many pictures so I think we were a bit out of practice. It was great to get out into the world and smell the ocean. I’m so glad we got out and explored. It had been awhile. We really needed that. September 13, 2014

(And now I realize that by “awhile”, I really meant “two weeks” since we’d been to a beach. But it felt like much longer).

Credits: Nature’s Delight and A Simple Love by Simple Girl Scraps


The next page is a re-do of a LO I made with the Project Life app. I like this version much better. They’ll go next to each other in my Coral Springs area album. I used the Midnight PL kit inside the app.

Project 2012 February by Connie Prince

And finally, I had to make a page for the Tesla. I did this one for the template challenge at GS. (Also, I asked Jason if the Valentine hearts and flowers made him feel emasculated in his LO and he was fine with it :P )

Credits: Project 2012 February by Connie Prince

That’s kind of a lot of pages for one day, but I was just so happy to have my scrapping mojo coming back that I went a little nuts. It’s all good though :)

*Project 52 is my attempt to do one page every week about a “current event”. These LO’s will tell longer stories about an event or theme, and be placed in my Library of Memories system. They are separate from my Project Life pages, which are more of an overview of our week. Here are more of my P52 pages.

Autumn Adoration LO’s

gone girl web

Mandy has a very pretty new fall kit out today called Autumn Adoration.

I went very simple for my first page, about our love for Gone Girl. I’ve often thought of doing LO’s for books that I love, but they’re not very high on my list for some reason. So I was excited to see that one of the challenges at Gotta Pixel this week was to scrap a favorite book.

Journaling reads- Our favorite book recently has definitely been Gone Girl. I read it this spring, then when I heard it was going to be a movie, I read it again. One night we were in bed and I was blathering on about the book. Jason got out the iPad and went to find it on the iBooks store. He asked me if it was worth eight dollars, and I said “Definitely!” I love that we live in a time when you can buy books on a whim and get them almost instantly! He stayed awake late that night reading, then finished it up on the weekend. It was so hard not to give him spoilers! He would act sneaky and try to get info out of me, but I kept quiet. (Though I think I let something slip, I’m not sure if he noticed). After he finished the book, we obsessively watched the movie trailer and dissected it for way longer than it warranted, I’m sure. It’s funny though, that when we finally saw the movie, we didn’t have much to say. It was a pretty faithful adaptation and we were both pretty satisfied.. But I love that we both got so excited about a book together. It has made for hours of lively discussions for the past few weeks.

Autumn Adoration by Mandy King template by Angelclaud Artroom

I girly-ed it up for my next page, about my sister’s changing style.

Journaling reads- And somehow, without my knowlege or approval, my sister has morphed herself into Stevie Nicks, complete with scarves and long swirly skirts. I find this hilarious coming from a girl who used to throw fits when I made her put on dresses for church as a child.

(template by Angelclaud Artroom)

Thanks for looking :)

*I am a Creative Team Member. This means that I receive free products in exchange for making and advertising layouts for designers. However, the opinions expressed here are my own. The enthusiasm expressed here is definitely my own. See more of my CT layouts here.

Throwback Thursday- #30Lists edition

While working on yesterday’s post, I decided to peruse my older entries for 30 Days of Lists. I came across this list from September 2012-

Events I’d like to attend-

inauguration of a president
opening night of Catching Fire
Oshugatsu (with my sister) or in general again
another Food and Wine Festival at Epcot
Food and Wine in Miami
a wedding that’s not my own
a race
mardis gras
Comic Con
some kind of Olympic competition

I’m very happy to report that I’ve crossed three of those off my list since then.

Not only did we attend Oshugatsu in 2013 and 2014, but we also went to Hatsumi Fair with my sister this year as well.

I went to not one, but two weddings, Steve and Kendra’s in 2013, and Antoine and Heidi’s earlier this year. (Before then, I’d only been to one other wedding besides my own).

And Jason and I celebrated our anniversary last year by doing our first 5k.

Finding little things like this make me so grateful that I’ve kept up with this blog. It’s so interesting to see how things change (I eat much less ice cream now), and things that remain the same (I still curl up my nose at neon).

More Throwback Thursday posts.

#30Lists September 2014 (part 1)


I’ve been doing 30 Days of Lists for a couple of years now. I love doing the lists, but I’m terrible at the follow through, that is actually making something with my lists. Should I do a mini book? Add them to Project Life? Make layouts, or just show them in blog posts? The “finishing” has always been my stumbling block.

Enter the Project Life app.

I really liked the neutral look of Megan’s lists from awhile back using the physical Midnight kit, so I went with that one, which comes free in the PL app. I picked a few journaling cards and added my lists, which I’d written in August and September. (Except the first one, which I rewrote to reflect the day I made the LO). As with every page I’ve made with the app, it was super quick and easy.

So the next question is, where am I going to put it? It doesn’t really fit in with my no-product Project Life this year, so I’m going to print it out and stick it into my All About Jen album. I think I’m going to do that with my 30 Lists from now on. I might even go back and redo some of my other lists and add them in there too.

I’ll share the rest of September’s lists probably next month. I’m not 100% sold on the font I used, so I want to get it printed and make sure I can read it before I use it for any more other pages. (Not the font’s fault, I just have a harder time reading thin fonts)

Curious about 30 Lists? Learn more here. You can see more of my lists here.

Project Life 2014- Weeks 31 through 34

PL2014wk31 web

PL2014wk32 web

PL2014wk33 web PL2014wk34 web

Now we are entering the era of my Project Life pages where I was not taking many photos. I was sad and uninspired. Then I got The Plague. It was all downhill from there. That’s why I wasn’t too worried about falling farther and farther behind. I knew the catching up process would be much faster with less photos, and less to say in general. I combined weeks 33 and 34 into two pages because week 33 wouldn’t have made a whole page.

While I’m much happier now, I still don’t feel like I have my photo mojo back yet. I’m looking forward to Week in the Life next week to give me a little spark. I’m sure I’ll get it back eventually :)

*Project Life was invented by Becky Higgins. You can learn more about it here. My Project Life pages can be found here.

Project 52: Week 36

Project 2013 October by Connie Prince Template by Fiddle Dee Dee

For this week, I told the story of my first Blurb book. I had mixed feelings about it initially, but Jason’s enthusiasm for it has won me over.

Journaling reads- This week I got my first Blurb book in the mail. I’ve decided to do PL in three volumes for 2014, and this was the first book. It was pretty exciting because I hadn’t gotten a book printed in years. I was a little disappointed in the size and quality of the paper. But surprisingly Jason really likd it! He likes that it’s easier to flip through than my regular scrapbooks. I’ve seen him look through it a few times on his own, which he doesn’t do with my other books. That makes me pretty happy :)

Credits: Project 2013 October by Connie Prince
Template by Fiddle Dee Dee

Library of Memories album: All About Jen

*Project 52 is my attempt to do one page every week about a “current event”. These LO’s will tell longer stories about an event or theme, and be placed in my Library of Memories system. They are separate from my Project Life pages, which are more of an overview of our week. Here are more of my P52 pages.


IMG_1283 (1)

Visiting the pumpkin patch, finding it way too crowded, and deciding to try again in November.

Putting in applications for creative jobs and jobs that pay actual money.

Feeling incredibly anxious.

Doing it anyway.

Walking in the park.

Loving that the weather is down in the 70’s!

Closing doors so others can open.

Watching new episodes of Once Upon A Time and Sleepy Hollow.

Waiting for a fun delivery today or tomorrow.

Talking my sister through setting up her first iPad.

Squirting a naughty Miss Kitty with the water bottle.

Having nightmares regularly.

Pinning iPhone accessories.

Looking for more Halloween themed mysteries.

Eating homemade mac and cheese.

Worrying about family drama, always.

Planning a strategy for Week in the Life.

Signing up for our second 5k.

Feeling sad for three friends who’ve lost loved ones this week.